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Sohail Salahuddin


About Me

Sohail Salahuddin is dedicated to his clients, delivering effective and powerful marketing skills to sell homes for top dollar, and in as little time as possible. His extraordinary and creative approach combined with cutting edge technology results in the ultimate positive outcome for sellers of all kinds of homes and locations.

Buyers benefit from Sohail’s knowledge and experience in tough negotiations, saving you as much money as possible while maintaining value. He exposes his clients to the best deals on the market, positioning them for future economic factors.

With coined name, "The Sohail Strategy”, Sohail focuses on a very successful strategy that he himself developed over the last few years.  These factors allow his entire team to focus on what works, and not what doesn’t!   He attention to detail, white glove service to his clients and ability to outperform the market standards is why people choose him over other brokers and brokerages. 

“Chicago is the best city to live in, it’s extremely diversified and has so much to offer it’s residents and guest visitors. I love living in Chicago, I love the people of Chicago, and I have an intense passion for Chicago real estate”. This is the reason that Sohail has never moved from the greater Chicago area to another large city, he knows how great it is to live here.

Sohail was born and raised in Chicagoland growing up in the suburbs, then moving to the city. He currently resides in the North Shore of Chicago. He has a very strong background in the home financial industry once owning his own Mortgage company. He has incredible knowledge for real estate in every aspect, offering expert advice to consumers and investors. Whether you are selling your home, buying your first home or your tenth, Sohail’s experience in real estate speaks for itself, selling and leasing hundreds of properties over the past five years.

Most importantly, above all his experience, what matters most is his strong will to succeed and hard work which are inspirational to all his colleagues as well as his clients. He will go above and beyond for his clients to make sure that they are fully satisfied and receive results. “I am extremely self motivated, passionate, and driven…. and "I will do whatever I have to so that I am sure I did everything my clients ask of me and more”!  

Sohail is the founder and group leader of The Sohail Real Estate Group at @properties. 

Clients are saying:

"Sohail and his professional staff handled the sale of my Deerfield house. It had been on the market 1 1/2 years. He went all out. Not only
my listing, but staging, a beautiful bound brochure and video. Sohail has shown personal attention that exceeded my expectations. He was always availble to talk, text or email. Because of his client focus and impressions market knowledge, I highly recommend Sohail Salahuddin."