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Overall 5 star rating out of 36 reviews

"I honestly do not know what we have done without Stephanie's expert advice and generous help. Having already relocated to a new city, we were not in a position to ready our Chicago home for sale on our own. Stephanie went above and beyond, lining up professionals for moving, repairs, painting, and staging. When it came pricing our home, Stephanie's savvy was obvious when she provided many comparable properties and shared her recent experience in the market. Our home was on the market for less than ONE WEEK before we chose the best of three strong offers. Stephanie deftly handled the negotiations throughout the entire offer, inspection, and closing process. Because of Stephanie's attention to detail and hard work, we sold our home for right on list price and 35K more than similar properties in the same neighborhood. We received incredible value from her services! I cannot recommend Stephanie Malmquist highly enough. Anyone looking for a real estate agent who will work incredibly hard with creativity and integrity should schedule a meeting with her ASAP"

"This is my second time working with Stephanie and she is a rockstar! She gives a lot of great advise about what to look out for in a prospective apartment, and she is flexible to people's schedules. She is great and I would highly recommend working with her."

"Steph is an incredible realtor and a great teacher - her home buying seminar made me feel empowered. During my buy, she looked at every detail and kept my needs in mind every step of the way, not only in selecting the property, but also at the closing. She catered to my communication style and was available when I needed her. She learned very quickly what I was interested in and quickly booked places for me to see, coaching me a long the way. She is an expert at offers and at short sales. Not only did she act as my advocate, but worked very well with my lender, attorney and the sellers’ staff. Additionally, Steph’s knowledge of the Chicago market is impressive. I couldn’t speak more highly of Steph and I hope you’ll consider asking her to help you in you home buying or renter needs. I have no doubt I will be working with her again."

"My partner and I recently utilized Stephanie's services to find a rental in Chicago. We were moving back to the city from the northern suburbs and wanted to work with someone we could trust to help us navigate a fast rental season and process and Steph came HIGHLY recommended. It was a huge value to us that Steph was willing to communicate quickly, honestly, and with integrity. She leads with creating an environment that's open and authentic, which was helpful for us in managing our expectations. She was an advocate throughout the application process and someone we felt comfortable asking advice from. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and colleagues that would benefit from her work!"

"Steph is the best agent we could have hoped to find. She made the entire process of finding an apartment extremely easy and stress free. All we had to do was let her know which place we liked and she took care of the rest of the arrangements. Personally, I didn't know that real estate agents were used for finding rental properties, but now that I do, I will be contacting Steph for all of my real estate needs. You should too!!"

"Stephanie was fantastic. As a first time buyer, she guided me through the whole process. She was timely to showings, informative, knowledgeable, and professional. She was trustworthy and negotiated a reasonable price for my condo. I would highly recommend her."

"Stephanie was tremendous throughout the entire process. As a first-time home buyer Stephanie guided my wife and I through each step of the process with equal parts poise and candor.

What stands out was her consistent attention to detail. Time and again Stephanie's preparation was exemplary. Seemingly at every step I can recall a simple gestures that assured us that we were in good hands. Stephanie was a true professional and someone who cares deeply about the craft of being a real estate agent."

"Steph made finding the right apartment so quick and easy. She really listened to what I was looking for and showed me some great options. She knew the details about each property and knew what each had to offer. When we saw one that I loved, she knew it was a hot property. She got all the details right away so I could apply that same day. This all happened on a Saturday, and I was approved by Monday. Steph asked questions that I wouldn't have known to ask, and even got the management to reglaze the bath tub!"

"Stephanie was instrumental in helping us find our current apartment, which we love! After my husband and I grew tired of seeing the same-old, same-old on Craigslist, the process was made much easier with Stephanie's help. Thanks to her, we found a place that had the amenities we wanted, and within our price range. Thanks again, Steph!!"

"Stephanie was incredible! She was responsive to our requirements, flexible with times, and a delight to work with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone."

"Working with Stephanie to find our rental property was an absolute delight! Steph has an amazing combination of professionalism, expertise, kindness, and openness that make her truly the perfect partner for prospective renters. She carefully listened to our needs, helped us sort through the complexity of listings, and scheduled showings super quickly. She walked with us from beginning to end and even helped when there were questions about the lease and move-in process that needed to be resolved. She constantly had our best interests in mind. Steph helped us find our new home, and for that, we're so grateful. I've already referred her to several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Steph!"

"Steph made our last apartment search the easiest one of them all (and there have been a few!) We hardly had to do anything. Steph sent us a list of properties, we narrowed it down to the ones we were really interested in, and then she took us out for a couple of hours one morning to see some of them. We found the perfect spot on that first trip and she helped us apply and handled all communication with our new landlord until the lease was signed. I don't know that we would have been able to find a spot that gave us all of the things we wanted at a price within our budget if we'd been looking on our own. I highly recommend working with Stephanie if you're looking for a place to rent or buy!"

"Stephanie was a phenomenal agent to work with. She not only worked hard to help us find the right property and sell our condo but took the time to educate us about the process all along the way. We are grateful for her patience and professionalism and will recommend her to anyone."

"I was searching for an apartment without any knowledge of Chicago and from another country. I am SO grateful for Stephanie and her knowledge and verve of and for the city - she treated us like a friend we had known for ages and found us the perfect apartment. I wouldn't hesitate for a second in recommending her to anybody."

"Steph Malmquist was a phenomenal agent! Steph was extremely thorough, proactive and an incredible advocate on our behalf. In addition to being a terrific broker, she has a team of trusted mortgage brokers, inspectors, and attorneys who work together very efficiently. We could not have had a better experience and we look forward to working with Steph and her team again when the time comes!"

"Stephanie was authentic and sincere from the moment I began searching for a new home. She is trustworthy and committed to get to know me and what I might like in a home. There was more than one place that had issues that were out of of our control and Stephanie truly had my back. She was an advocate for me as a client and wanted to make sure I felt comfortable, safe, and happy with my home. She worked patiently with me for about 6 months, went above and beyond the role of what I imagined a realtor to be, and it was well worth the wait at the end of the day. I am very happy with my experiences."

"Steph is fantastic! When we were first considering our apartment search, we thought we had to do it on our own - we didn’t realize that it was possible to have the help from a realtor for a rental. I am so thankful that Stephanie was able to help us find an apartment. Steph helped us get a beautiful rental (so much nicer than the apartments that we were finding on our own), reviewed our lease (and even negotiated a better start date for us), and made the whole process incredibly smooth. Thank you Stephanie!!"

"Stephanie really went above and beyond for me and my clients. From help with assessment of our property, opinions, research, and pricing, and marketing, she was excellent. Stephanie communicates thoroughly and often, and we really could not have gotten our unit rented without her!"

"Steph was a fantastic asset to our move from start to finish. She stuck with us as we changed our zip code search and wavered over many months and was patient with us through the whole process, all the while, never being pushy or demanding. She genuinely cared about our specific situation and how it pertained to our move specifics. In the long run Steph FANTASTICALLY coordinated our in person visits in an organized, timely, friendly and generous manner (she even provided snacks and took the time out of her day to stop for coffee and lunch!!!!). Once we found a place, Steph even made sure to research the legalities of our lease to ensure our best interests as tenants. Steph is wonderful at what she does and it comes across from start to finish."

"We had a terrific experience working with Steph! She helped us identify neighborhoods convenient for my wife and my commutes, organized a convenient schedule to tour a handful of apartments in a single afternoon, and even shared a spontaneous lunch of Mexican grocery tacos."

"Working with Stephanie could not have been better! We are completely thrilled with both Stephanie and @properties. She was beyond helpful, responsive and made our entire experience such a dream. Thank you so much for your incredible service and knowledge!"

"Stephanie was the best broker we could have wished for! She was incredibly helpful; she made sure we knew what was happening at every step so we could feel confident about everything. She also made our buying experience smooth and fun. If you want a person that can make you feel like you are out shopping with a knowledgeable and trustworthy friend, Stephanie Malmquist is for you!"

"Stephanie was amazing, hugely helpful and a pleasure to work with! Made our international move to Chicago easy and found us our perfect place that met all our requirements."

"Steph was such a pleasure to work with. She kept me calm, relaxed and invigorated to find the right place. I would highly recommend working with her!"

"We were concerned about being able to find an apartment in Chicago all the way from DC, but Stephanie was incredibly helpful and was able to quickly find us an apartment that met our needs. We will definitely be seeking out her services when the time comes to move again!"

"Stephanie is professional, thoughtful, and fun. She makes the experience personalized and follows through immediately every step of the way. We couldn't be more happy about our experience with Stephanie!"

"Stephanie was amazing! Not only was she available any time of day or night, but did an incredible job of following up on my behalf and keeping me in the loop on everything going on as my offer to rent went through. She offered up all kinds of helpful advice and seemed to know what my questions would be before I even asked them. I'm beyond thrilled with the place that we found together and I owe it all to Stephanie!"

"Stephanie was an absolute dream to work with in finding a new place. We very unfortunately had an apartment fire in our previous building and she helped us to get into a new home unbelievably fast. She exceeded my expectations in taking all of the stress out of what was a very stressful situation for my husband and I and I could not recommend her more! :)"

"After having to quickly relocate due to an apartment fire, Stephanie not only promptly helped us find several intriguing properties, but was able to get us the keys to our new apartment within a week of being displaced. This really allowed us to get our lives back on the road to normal again."

"Stephanie was wonderful to work with. She was always available when I needed her and did an exceptional job presenting my applications. I'd call her for my next move in a heartbeat."

"Stephanie did a great job helping us find an apartment! She was always prompt with communication and fit showings into our tight schedule."

"Stephanie was VERY patient with us when we were looking at different properties. She would constantly update us with new property listings and worked with our hectic schedule to set up showings. When we finally found a place we were interested in she was in constant contact with us throughout the whole process of setting up each additional step."

"Stephanie was great with us. We had an unusual mix of wants and needs, and Stephanie patiently worked through listings to give us good options to choose from. When we went for showings, she was patient in looking around with us, helping us with answers to our questions and pointing out things we didn't immediately see. Yet, she didn't force an opinion on us or tell us why to like or not like a place. We really appreciated her insights that came as suggestions and advice rather than pressure or insistence. She was a great match for us. You should definitely use her!"

"Prompt, professional, and personable! Stephanie did a super job of getting my questions/concerned taken care of smoothly... especially pleased with the speedy leasing process as well."

"Stephanie was helpful, accommodating, resourceful, and very professional throughout my search. She provided listings that fell within our price range, location, and preferred amenities. I would highly recommend working with Stephanie - she personalizes each search and provides a fabulous service!"

"I'm very happy with my broker's knowledge, professionalism, and assistance in helping me find an apartment to rent. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Thanks Stephanie!"