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Buyer/Seller Tips


How is your home search coming along? How have you been conducting your search so far? Have you been finding what you want as you visit open houses, or is everything a bit off the mark? And how much time are you spending browsing the internet? What if you could have listings sent directly to you that fit your criteria exactly? How would you like to have someone organize a home tour of strong candidate properties just for you? Let me help!


Top 10 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent


1.      You do not pay your agent’s commission- the seller does! Not using a buyer’s agent will not save you money- the seller pays your agent’s commission. Plus, your buyer’s agent will use their market knowledge to negotiate a better price for you. Statistically, buyers without agents pay more for their home than buyers that use agents.

2.      If you do not use an agent, then the money that the seller would have paid your agent will go to the seller’s agent, who is not representing your best interest. The cost of commission will not be subtracted from the purchase price.

3.      The home buying process consists of more than just viewing properties. Not only do you need an agent to filter the market to find you the best listings, you will want an expert to determine and negotiate the best market value (lowest price!) and terms for your new home.  What tools would you use to do this yourself? What experience do you have assessing a home’s true value in this competitive market? And what if you could buy a home that is out of your price range as a product of a calculated negotiation? A good agent will research and strategize a path to secure the desired outcome of your offer. This is how successful deals get done-by professionals with great negotiation and problem solving skills.

4.      The benefit of using an agent as a buffer in negotiations can be immense-many people do not realize how heated negotiations can become and why it is important to have someone in the middle to negotiate diplomatically. How do you think you will react when the seller gives a counteroffer that you don’t like? How would you negotiate objectively for yourself if you are emotionally attached to the outcome of the deal? Working with an agent allows you to freely communicate what you want to your agent, who will take a business like approach to get you what you want and manage any obstacles or conflicts that may occur.

5.      Choosing one agent to work with will enable your agent to commit to showing you every home on the market that will fit your needs.  All agents have access to the same listings- you need to pick one who will work with you on a regular basis to provide customized searches and showings, someone who will listen to your feedback in order to maximize the productivity if your search.                 

6.      There is a large inventory of listings in Chicago and you will not find out about all of them through the newspaper. Not all listings are advertised, and some of the best ones sell before the ad is even published.  Some of the best listings do not ever have an open house.

7.      The internet is great for “window shopping” properties but many websites are not up to date and by the time you call on a listing, it has sold.

8.      Your agent will use the MLS to track status on listings that suit you- if it is under contract, we will know. If something new comes on the market, we can get you a showing immediately.

9.      Searching for properties that meet your criteria is a time consuming process (not including showings!).Your agent should be putting in that time for you.

10.   The state of Illinois entitles you by law to the right of exclusive buyer representation. Many years ago, there were no buyer’s agents, meaning there was no advocate for the buyer, but there was for the seller. Why should only one side be represented professionally in negotiations? Would you represent yourself, without an attorney, in a court case?


You deserve the best- choosing the right agent will streamline the home buying process for you. Buying a home is a stressful life event- let a professional worry about the details so you don’t have to.


Prepared by:   Stephanie Poulos, @properties/ 847-212-8279