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Stephen+Ryan strives to provide the best advice and representation to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Chicago.


Stephen+Ryan and @properties share a vision of the ideal real estate experience: agents achieving success by providing their clients with the strongest, most competent, most personalized advice possible. Commitment to providing the highest standard of service matching clients individual needs to properties, acting as trusted advisors and competent guides is the singular goal in client management. Buying or selling a home is the largest transaction in which most people will participate throughout their lives, and the standard for every client is the level to which they feel they have been protected and advised by someone who values their welfare more than a commission.


The benefits of working with a real estate team, rather than with a single agent, are many and varied. We strive to meet our clients needs on the shortest timeline possible, finding success when difficulties arise. As a team, we are able to accommodate more appointments, streamline quicker communication, and provide an even higher level of client service than we could as individual agents. Ultimately, our clients benefit from the combined experience and skills of two agents, where many in the marketplace are represented by only one.


Stephen+Ryan sold nearly $40 million in residential real estate volume in 2014, with over 50 transactions. @properties ranks as the #1 brokerage in Chicago, by any measure.


Clients are saying:

"We have worked with Andrew about 3-1/2 years ago and he picked out the perfect place for us. We called him again and he jumped in and found us several properties to look at. He knew our taste and what we were looking for. He did not take us to anything that we would not like. He knows how to handle people, he is not high pressure, and his calm and helps in any way he can. If we was in a restaurant and a waiter he would rank a 10 out of 10. As a relator he is a 10 our of 10. I already have referred him to people in the suburbs who are looking for a home in the city. You cannot go wrong when you work with Andrew. He has hit a home run for us twice and we will use him again if we decide to move. Keep up the good work Andy!"