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Stephen Chertok

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Decades in Chicago, executive technology, real estate sales and real estate development... Brought up in a home of art, design, and architecture and a business of construction, materials, and craftsmanship, I am fortunate to have worked and gained extensive sales and building trades experience and to have developed a rare ability to synthesize technology and real estate markets with personal and business goals.  I am fascinated, inspired and motivated by an evolving fabric within our neighborhoods and communities and how homeownership brings attachment, meaning and purpose to our lives and legacy.  

If you plan on buying or selling real estate you will have lots to gather, a myriad of processes and tasks to complete, and many challenges and conditions to overcome in order to achieve a successful transaction. In any real estate transaction you need advantages based on facts and likelihoods, you want to be a step ahead, and leverage strengths that make a difference. That's why I'm different and how I make a difference to you.


When buying you need multiple, financially sound properties that meet your requirements to evaluate.  I confirm your knowledge and augment your perspective with data and information you don't have.  Buying is making sure you are in the best possible position to purchase at every step and during every phase and executing without added cost, mistakes or mishaps.     


You need a clear plan for staging, opens, showings, marketing and selling.   You need the broadest exposure possible to the greatest number of qualified buyers as quickly as possible.  On my side, the best staging, photos, video, internet and social media presence are just a beginning.  We take a proactive approach to FIND buyers who fit the buyer profiles we've identified and market to them in their spheres and venues.  Our goal is to produce and attract buyers to your home and present strong offers that bring a successful conclusion to your ownership. 

Real estate is what I love and I'm most fortunate to do as my full-time profession.  Homes are as primary in our indivudal lives, our communities, and collectives as any reflection, identity or expression we choose to have or make of ourselves.  And it is an honor and a privilege to serve clients for that purpose.

Clients are saying:

"Steve is *THE* real estate agent you want to have by your side. We owe him our seamless relocation to Chicago, and so much more. With decades of real estate experience in the Chicago area, he was able to help us find the house of our dreams and close on it. Having previously developed houses, he will help you conduct a meticulous due diligence on the house, from top to bottom - including materials, structure, finishes, appliances, and so on. His expertise handling real estate processes was also invaluable to help us navigate a laborious sale process with complicated, unresponsive and chaotic sellers. There is no match to his patience and professionalism - which was well tested, as we went house-hunting with our 9-mo old twins. Steve - thank you so much again for your help!"