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Sue is 100% invested in helping you buy, sell or lease one or your most important assets - your home!  Communication is key!  Sue will listen to your needs and keep you informed from the initial contact to the closing.  She will make sure that you have all the information needed to ensure a smooth transaction.


Sue's career began with negotiating and executing contracts in the commercial real estate world for a multi-billion dollar corporation.  She then went on to launch a successful boutique called "The Perfect Setting" with current locations in Lake Forest and Oak Street, Chicago.  Sue has first hand knowledge of what it means to "go the extra mile" for customers. It's one of the many reasons that she has been successful year after year.


Sue currently resides in Chicago, but has also lived in the suburbs.  This gives her a unique first hand insight to the many wonderful neighborhoods that Chicago offers.


Sue is a graduate of Michigan State University and resides in Chicago with her husband and three children.

Clients are saying:

"Sue was absolutely wonderful. The level of communication and commitment to getting my property sold were so very appreciated. I could not have gotten this done without her!"