Thania Mendoza

Thania Mendoza


About Me

Dual Licensed Broker in INDIANA and ILLINOIS

Now serving NorthWest Indiana clients and Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs.

With over 15 years of Residential appraisal background, she accomplished becoming a Certified Appraiser in 2008, which led her interest in Real Estate where she started as an administrative assistant.


Real Estate is one of your most important investments and decisions, and I want to be there to help my clients capture their vision of the rest of their lives. It's important for me to help those who put their trust in me, and for that, I am grateful.  In my second deal, I followed up with my clients months later. I was so gratified to hear them tell me, ˜Thank you so much for helping us with our first home, you are like family to us™.


I love architecture and buildings with character especially ones built in the late 1800's. Something about details in vintage homes intrigues me. I™ve traveled all over Chicago and South Suburbs, and nothing draws my attention more than a Greystone or a Victorian that have been meticulously kept in tact from its original time of construction. When I visit a home, I feel like I take a piece of history with me and knowledge of different types of structures.  My first time visiting a high-rise on Michigan Ave, I was on the 23rd floor and I was floored! The view of Lake Michigan, sky-lines, sky-scrapers, I was on cloud 9! 


Thania is a Chicago native now living in the South Suburbs. She loves trying new recipes and spending quality time with her two young children. They enjoy traveling, but there is ˜no place like home™.

Joining @properties, I feel destined to win in being part of something so big!  

Thania is fluent in both English and Spanish. For your convenience, she will gladly service clients who need services in both languages. Se Habla Espanol!

Clients are saying:

"Thania was fantastic through out the entire process. Her experience and professionalism got us over the unexpected road bumps. I would highly recommend @properties and especially Thania for anyone looking to purchase a home."