About Us

The Luby Group at @properties is a family team of real estate professionals that begins each client relationship with a simple commitment to superior service. With more than twenty five years of experience in Chicago and its North and Northwest Suburbs, The Luby Group offer buyers and sellers expert real estate guidance based on the highest professional and ethical standards. Suzanne Luby, Liz Luby, and Jim Luby believe their business is about building lasting relationships through communication, trust, knowledge and expertise. Their team approach has consistently ranked them among the top 100 of @properties agents, and top 1% nationally.


Clients are saying:

"One thing we learned is that when selling and buying a home you end up spending a lot of time and sharing a lot of detailed information with your realtor - probably more than you think. You need someone who's not only great at his job, but also trustworthy, and fun to hang out with. Jim Luby is all of the above. He blew away every expectation we had about working with a realtor, and became a friend along the way. Jim provides exceptional client service, which was very important to us. Jim told us what to expect and helped us make the right decision at every turn, and always seemed energetic and excited about our house sale and search. We felt like Jim was a true partner, as invested in the outcome as we were, rather than simply an intermediary. With these qualities he was instrumental in selling our house the first week it was on the market and quickly helping find our dream home. Jim knows the area inside and out. He's lived and worked in the area for many years, and is full of great information about everything from the personalities of different areas to who can service the septic tank. Jim takes the time to listen to what you want and is good at asking thought-provoking questions and helping you weigh trade-offs. And if there's no possible intersection in your set of preferences, Jim isn't afraid to bring that to your attention. Jim's follow through is amazing. Even after we'd closed on our house, Jim continued to offer his support during our early days of home-ownership. Whether that meant connecting us with a company to fix some windows, offering contacts for landscape services, or simply taking an active interest in how we are settling in and our renovation plans, Jim was there for us. He didn't simply disappear once the deal was done. Jim's experience and attention to detail help him notice things that many buyers might miss, from a house being close to a higher traffic road to identifying a basement that potentially had water issues in the past. We can't imagine having had a better experience with our realtor, and we'd recommend Jim to anyone who's looking to sell or buy a home."