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The two most important things to a seller is; #1, how quickly the house sells and #2, the price for which the house sells. Buyers are interested in finding their dream home and getting the best value possible. I am particularly well equipped to maximize those factors.


My career focused on negotiating and marketing. I negotiated the first 3 Star Wars toy contracts, agreements with the NFL, NASCAR, etc...and Dr Scholl's. I pulled together marketing/sales plans for each of those brands.  

I also have a degree in accounting, which brings a good sense for determining the value proposition as we define the business strategy for selling or buying.


Last, but most important is our team. We work with our clients on developing a business strategy, and as a result, our homes sell in roughly twice as fast as the market average¦and we average 2% higher than the market in sale price. Please check out the testimonials my clients have offered... they reference a variety of attributes they found of value.  Also, if for some reason I am not available, all 5 members of our team will be intimately familiar with your property and prepared to step in.

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Clients are saying:

"Tom and Renee had the listing and we met him at the house, liked the house and didn’t have a rep, so we discussed it and decided to use him for the buy side. Everything went fine we are very happy. Tom is honorable and responsive and a good guy to work with my wife April and I recommend him highly."