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Top 7 Home Sales Killers


1)  An Unkempt Lawn

Mow the lawn and weed, weed, weed

2) Chipping or Peeling Paint

Hire a local painter to sand, paint & patch

3) Worn or Dirty Carpets and Flooring

Rent a steam cleaner from your local hardware store & do it your self or hire a professional

4) Poor Housekeeping—Dust, Stains, and Dirt"

You only  have one chance to make a first impression - your house should be 'Q-tip Clean' for showings

5) Junk, Clutter, and Disorganization

Excessive stuff makes rooms, closets and cabinets look much smaller than they actually are. Consider storing or getting rid of half your stuff. LESS IS MORE! 

6) Unpleasant Odors—Pets, Tobacco, and Cooking

Never try and hide the smell with room fresheners! Instead buy products like "Fresh Wave" that eliminate odor without emiting any new smells

7) Unusual or Odd Paint Colors

Buyers ofter can't see beyond paint colors. If you have a bright orange room, consider painting it a clamer neurtal beige or grey.