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Wayne Voegtle received his Real Estate license in 1991 and within three years he was among the top 5% of real estate agents across the country. Wayne joined @properties in May 2003.

Working in sales as a REALTOR since 1991, I've become very familiar with virtually all of Chicago's north and northwest side areas and suburbs. My Chicago roots run deep, going back more than 100 years. My paternal grandparents bought their first home in the Old Irving Park area in 1924. Mom grew up in nearby Albany Park where my parents first met, shortly after, they married and bought a house in neighboring Mayfair Park. Mom still lives in the same home since 1949, just two blocks down the street from my grandparent's Old Irving Park home, now occupied by their grandaughter and her husband. 

I believe our diversity is part of what makes Chicago a great city. My own uniquely diverse heritage includes a burgelmeister (mayor) of Baden-Baden Germany, a founder of an orphanage, and a Middleweight boxing champ of Canada who once fought Tony Zale. We should all be very proud of where we once came, and how we have come together to make Chicago a great city. Chicago will always be my home.

To me the greatest reward in Real Estate is when people trust me with something that represents their life savings. Their blood and sweat are in those "bricks". I never forget that. It is the biggest vote of confidence I can receive, and to me, the best job.

I remember my grandfather saying to me, "Wayne, it doesn't matter if you dig ditches for a living, just be the best at whatever you do." The work ethic he instilled in me has never left me. I always hope that I've made him proud.

Clients are saying:

"Wayne was an excellent agent who operates more like a partner when it come to real estate business. He is very knowledgable and always puts the client first. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any/all of my family or friends."