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Ali is known for her magnetic, driven personality. She is a born problem solver and advocating for her clients is second nature. Real estate runs deep in her blood: in the 1940's, her grandmother turned a small real estate investment into one of North Carolina's premier real estate holding companies--ask her the story! Several family members have followed in her footsteps, and Ali is now proud to carry on that legacy.


Because she wholeheartedly believes only the best is good enough, she launched her career at @properties, Chicago's #1 real estate firm, joining the Philip Schwartz Real Estate Group. The team has earned a reputation for their tenacity, approachability and expertly guiding clients through the entire buying and selling process. Together they have sold millions and are a Top 1% producing team in Chicago.

Clients are saying:

"Alison demonstrates the best qualities in her every action on behalf of her client, me, as related to my recent property acquisition. This is my fourth property purchase. Ali was the linchpin in bringing this purchase to a timely and satisfactory conclusion. Ali's attention to details, ethical conduct, property knowledge and informative nature made this transaction a success, for which I'm grateful. Alison Swedenberg is my first option as a broker for my next property endeavor."