Aliya Esmail

Aliya Esmail


About Me

I'm here to help you find the best possible real estate investment. 

I believe real estate is an asset everyone should have the opportunity to own, and I am dedicated to providing the highest quality information and service to get my clients the value they deserve. Having invested in real estate, and spent extensive time rehabbing Chicago properties, I have expertise in multiple property types investment strategies, and financing tactics. 
Having graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics and Psychology, I enjoy evaluating investments, but also prioritize understanding my clients needs holistically. 
Having lived across 2-3 continents and invested in real estate across California, Chicago, and Oregon, I have cultivated a keen eye for opportunity. Moreover, I have a well-rounded understanding of real estate as well as digital trends, and I'm always experimenting with new ways to add value and improve my client's purchase, sale or rental.