Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson


Amy Thompson Real Estate

Amy Thompson is a trusted name in real estate. As both a Libertyville and

Chicagoland real estate broker, Amy makes use of her 15 years of real estate industry

experience when she assists clients in buying or selling a home.


Her clients are partners throughout the process. These partnerships are built on

honesty, trust, and thorough communication every step of the way. Amy

understands the delicate balance of home as a financial investment as well as an

emotional investment, guiding her clients with expertise and genuine care to make

well-rounded and ultimately successful buying and selling decisions. Her overall

goal is to make the buying or selling process as smooth, fun, and stress-free as



Amy is an expert negotiator, a skillset she uses to protect her clients' interests. With

a Master's Degree in Marketing from Northwestern University, Amy makes use of

@properties' comprehensive and cutting-edge marketing strategies. For sellers, that

means a unique marketing platform that includes both online and offline elements

to maximize their property's exposure. For buyers, that means understanding what

her clients want, proximity to school, work, or activities, and working with them

to find their ideal home.


Clients are saying:

"Amy was such a pleasure to work with! Smart, patient, and very responsive. We would be more than happy to work with her again and would recommend her services with full confidence."