Andy Enkhzul

Andy Enkhzul


About Me


Andy is proud to be affiliated with @properties, Chicago's most successful real estate brokerage and leading marketer of new construction developments. Coming from a family that has 20+ years of experience in construction, Andy has been involved in every aspect of the industry from renovations, building additions and now marketing and sales. Working with renters, home buyers/ sellers, and builders has provided Andy with  enormous experience with every side of the industry. Empowering him to help his clients with market knowledge, competent contractors, and the marketing power of @properties. 

He is extremely responsive with all of his clients and will always be in touch within the same day. He excels at walking his first time homebuyers through every aspect of the buying process; no question or piece of information is too small to cover!

In his spare time Andy loves to explore the restaurant and music scene's in Chicago, spend time playing guitar and drums, and listening to music!