Ariel Ginsburg

Ariel Ginsburg


About Me

Helping people buy, sell and rent their homes is something Ariel is very passionate about. After graduating from George Washington University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Ariel moved to Manhattan where she became a top sales rep in the technology industry. Her success in sales and client interaction propelled her into roles in both fashion and real estate. 

Ariel's official foray into the world of real estate began in 2012 when she was hired by an innovative start-up brokerage based in Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for the industry began much earlier. At a young and impressionable age, she spent time visiting her grandfather's commercial endeavors and watching other family members build and sell homes. Her interest was immediately sparked and hasn™t faded since. Ariel brings excitement, drive and tenacity to every client relationship and transaction. 

In addition to being a full time Real Estate Broker, Ariel is a fashion aficionado and maintains a popular fashion blog. Ironically, her hobby has converted many readers to use her in the real estate arena. She also loves art, music, and traveling.