Blaise Lehmann

Blaise Lehmann

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Blaise A. Lehmann

            Blaise has built a reputation in sales and marketing through unmatched passion and empathy.  Since high school, he's taken pride in delivering exactly what his clients seek, and doing so with the best, or even better match to any limitations at hand. 

            Having seven years of sales, marketing, notary and paralegal experience has shown a major advantage over the years.  Blaise grew up with competition in his roots through events in science and racing.  He believes that in our world of endless opportunities, your match is always out there; all you need are the tools to find it quickly.  Blaise's best tools range from cunning negotiation skills to competitive marketing and allocation strategies. His favorite parts are always making transactions simple, comfortable, and fun from start to finish.

            Entering the market with a sharp eye for a good deal and broad understanding of the millennial market make him a hot up-and-comer.

Clients are saying:

"“Blaise has a passion that is palpable from your very first greeting. He doesn’t just hear you, but listens attentively. He doesn’t just glance, but pictures your vision with you. He is intelligent, hospitable, and completely capable of achieving your dream with you. I have and will continue to recommend Blaise well into the foreseeable future.”"