Brian Gaden

Brian Gaden


About Me

After leading product and marketing teams for a number of years at global technology companies, Brian decided to use that experience, along with his real estate investment and home remodeling experience, to help his real estate clients. Brian believes his focus on combining the best in personal service and attention using the latest in technology creates compelling listings for sellers and simplifies the buying process for buyers. Given the superior technology and market leadership of @properties, he believes he has the perfect partnership in serving you. 

But why choose Brian as your real estate agent? Because he understands the importance of listening to you to discover what you really want and will work tirelessly on your behalf to fulfill your goals. His background as an engineer means he'll be bringing problem-solving skills and a detail-oriented approach to finding the perfect solution for you in an increasingly complex real estate market. He will be there to help you navigate through the often-bewildering array of options, providing you with the information and advice you need to help you make the choice that is right for you. He will be there to serve your interests and to provide you with the most honest and comprehensive evaluation of current market trends, comparable sales, and property values. He will always give you honest and truthful answers and a realistic outlook on what you can expect in today's market.

Brian offers his experience as a contractor, developer and real estate investor to help analyze properties and to highlight the most marketable features of those properties, enabling you to discover the hidden potential of your property. 

Brian lives in Bucktown with his wife and young daughter. They love the burgeoning food options and walkability of the neighborhood. There is always something new happening in Bucktown. Brian believes that living in and walking the neighborhoods of Chicago has given him additional insight and intimate block-by-block knowledge of marketing and growth opportunities in the city. He's also familiar with the character of the community, the local organizations, schools, parks, festivals, and all of the things that make different neighborhoods special.  Brian is ready to share that knowledge with you.

Brian and his family love to travel and take every opportunity to explore new cities all over the world. That's given him an interesting perspective on how the rest of the world lives and what we can learn from them. When he's not traveling, Brian relaxes by doing great home renovation projects for friends and family, woodworking or trying out some new and hopefully tasty recipe at home.