Bridget Orsic

Bridget Orsic

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Overall 5 star rating out of 5 reviews

"Bridget was flawless and indispensable as we worked our way through "right sizing"our downtown home. She helped us find the right place and buy it in a competitive situation that led to a great outcome for us. Her recommendations for ancillary help (legal, inspection, estimators and contractors for repairs and upgrades) were all spot on."

"I highly recommend Bridget Orsic when considering a realtor. She provides clients not only her years of professionalism as an attorney but the personal understanding of one who has herself gone through the emotional process of buying a home and moving one’s family to a new community. Bridget’s understanding of the housing market was very well informed. Her approach during the negotiation process was intelligent but fair and respectful to all parties. From the beginning it was clear that she had in-depth knowledge of the market and a command of the transactional process. This gave us con?dence to know that we would ultimately make the correct choice for our family. Beyond Bridget’s skills and knowledge we came to appreciate and lean on her personal sensitivity. She calmed our worries and gently shepherded us through the often anxious process of buying a home. She encouraged us when we needed it most and provided the hope when creeping despair threatened. I believe Bridget Orsic is uniquely quali?ed as a realtor. Those who engage her will immediately know, as we did, that she is the right choice."

"Bridget was determined to find me the right house and went to great lengths to represent me well in the negotiations. She was incredibly responsive, professional and thoughtful about our home search. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a home."

"Throughout the entire process Bridget Orsic and Debra Dobbs confidently navigated the turbulent and unpredictable waters of selling our home. Their knowledge and years of professionalism in Real Estate were evident during the staging, listing, negotiation and finally, closing of the property. Both were continually accessible which made us feel secure that we chose the right team. Trusting in their judgment paid off. I highly recommend Bridget and Debra."

"Bridget Orsic has just helped us find a perfect condo in Wilmette. Bridget is very knowledgeable of the market and what communities have to offer. Throughout our search we viewed many properties together. Bridget was extremely helpful, she quickly knew us, our needs and preferences. She guided us through all the steps of our closing and kindly held our hand when needed.
We highly recommend Bridget Orsic when considering a realtor."

"I highly recommend Bridget Orsic. Her impeccable skills as a realtor and knowledge as a former attorney, combined with her dedication to helping her clients are unparalleled. I never imagined I would find myself in a situation that required an unexpected and immediate move within the New Trier district. Not only did Bridget respond with many actionable solutions, going above and beyond to ensure I could make the best decisions, she worked with me every step of the way to help me feel informed, comfortable and confident with my move. I’m forever grateful to Bridget for her incredible capabilities and true compassion."

"Bridget Orsic is a highly professional realtor. She brings her experience as a lawyer to the field of real estate. She is thorough and thoughtful. She listens to your requests, understands your parameters, and works diligently to find properties. She develops positive working relationships with her clients and other realtors. She helps to make the process of buying or renting a home less stressful and enjoyable. I highly recommend Bridget Orsic. Aileen, Winnetka"

"Bridget Orsic is an exceptional real estate agent! She is knowledgeable, friendly and truly cared about my family and our needs. Since we were moving from the city to the North Shore, she spent a lot of time familiarizing me with the North Shore and was incredibly patient with my many questions about schools, parks, recreation to name a few. Thanks to Bridget, we found the perfect home in Winnetka. Dawn G., Winnetka"