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The Bauer | Bussell Real Estate partnership was established with a shared vision to provide a superior client experience. Independently, Annie Bauer & Brittany Bussell were already accomplished real estate advisors, however they found that they shared the same mentality; ˜Iron sharpens Iron™. They knew as partners their complementary strengths, personalities and passions would take their client's experience from excellent to exceptional. 
Brittany comes from a family of real estate industry veterans, from custom home builders & developers to residential and commercial brokers. After a decade of working in luxury hotels, Brittany naturally felt the pull toward entrepreneurship with a focus on client service. The skills and natural talents that led to her success in hospitality directly translate to her ability to provide an unsurpassed level of service to every client. This is why her past clients continue to refer her to their families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
As leaders in the real estate industry, their ethos is to maintain a Next Big Thing mentality. They are trusted advisors providing expert market knowledge with innovative sales campaigns that produce results, all while continuously elevating the level of service they provide. This is precisely why their clients continue to refer to Annie and Brittany. We are devoted to earning our client's business while elevating their experience. We love what we do and it shows.

Clients are saying:

"Brittany was a true partner in our home purchase. She connected us to other trusted professionals (e.g. home inspection, attorney), highlighted blindspots and gave us clarity and confidence throughout the process.
We were most impressed with her ownership & mindset - she behaved as if she would be owning the home herself, and she was all in with us.
I look forward to using Brittany for all my future real estate deals!"