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Chris Demetriou

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Chris studied marketing at DePaul University in Chicago. At the age of 24, he became a self-employed entrepreneur, running a high-end dry cleaning plant in the northwest suburbs for over 18 years. Through his love of architecture and interior design, Real Estate came as a natural fit for his next career. Chris is bi-lingual in English and Greek.


What does he do?

Works hard to provide his clients with a great experience when buying or selling a property.

• Creates an environment of trust between clients, him and @properties.

• Stays focused on the clients needs, dreams and realistic expectations

• Having fun in the process and making a difference when working together with the clients

• Providing the clients with the best possible options and information to make the right decision


How does he do it?

Here are some of his personal and professional values that influence his work; ensuring that every day is a good one:

• Respect and Humility  - Listen well, give feedback and put the client first

• Honesty and Integrity -  Always follow up conscientiously

• Creative and Innovative - entertain new ways of doing things and strive to be better

• Continuity and Effectiveness - All actions should have a forward drive, reaching the goals of the client.


When Chris is not working?

Chris believes the source of success, both private and professional, lies in filling your days with exciting and challenging activities. His energy and motivational input comes from a wide variety of interests:


• He is a part time actor for TV & film, and part time commercial model for print & web

• Interior and exterior design projects hands on for family and friends

• Greek dance instructor - A good way to stay in shape

• Traveler - Always tries to visit one new place every year

Clients are saying:

"Chris is a broker for the building that I purchased a condo in recently and he was such a delight to work with. His follow up is unmatched - he'd always respond to my communications very quickly. He also took the time to meet me at the condo on a Friday night so that I could see it at night. His customer service is superb!"