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Corey Miller is a dynamic and motivated real estate agent with the Lavelle Group. Originally from Houston, TX, he has lived and worked in northwest Chicago for the last 14 years. Corey focuses on serving Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Old Town, but as an agent who specializes in return-on-investment transactions. He will search throughout Chicagoland to find the best deals for his clients. Whether buying, selling or leasing, Corey excels at negotiating. His clients can attest to his skills in sales and makerting, making the real estate process headache-free and profitable. When Corey is not working with a client, he is working as a personal trainer or spending time with his wife and four young daughters.

Clients are saying:

"I had the best time working with Corey, who was referred to me by a friend, and whom I subsequently referred to someone else, and whom I hope to work with again in the Spring!

Corey is knowledgeable about many aspects of real estate, from where to look, to returns on investment properties. He knows what to look for that could be potential problems in the structure. He pointed out things about the neighborhoods that I would have missed and would have made big mistakes.

Corey has a keen understanding of financing, insurance and almost everything you will need to know to complete your real estate transaction.

I never felt pressured to "hurry up and buy", or to look at properties that would yield him a higher commission, but wasn't right for my needs. He asks all the right questions to understand what I was looking for ‚Äčand even helped me understand better what my needs were when I wasn't sure."