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Overall 5 star rating out of 14 reviews

"My wife and I met Steve about a year ago when we contacted him about a listing he had in Arlington Heights. We instantly hit it off and although we did not purchase that home we stayed in contact and Steve has been our agent ever since. Steve helped us sell our Townhouse in Park Ridge, buy our dream home in Des Plaines and we just closed on our 3rd property with Steve. I would recommend Steve to my family, friends, and anyone looking for an honest, professional, good hearted agent."

"Steve was a wonderful guide while choosing our home. He offered great, always available communication and wonderful advice as well as things to think about that I would not have considered otherwise. We felt that we had a friend and an expert that truly had our best interest in mind along our entire buying process. His passion for finding people the right home comes through in every interaction and we never felt pushed or hurried into anything - he truly wants his customers happy and taken care of! I highly recommend Steve if you want a passionate realtor willing to go the extra mile and really listen to you to get you into he right home!"

"We met Steve at an open house in Arlington Heights after having gone to see our first home in our home search. We left him our information and he called us the next day. After telling him what we were looking for and our budget, we agreed to meet that weekend to see several homes. That same day he showed us a home he was listing, which we immediately put on the possible list. After that day, our choice was between the home we saw with Steve and the first home we saw right before we met him. After some back and forth, we decided to go with the first house we saw and because he didn't take us to see the house, we had to use the seller's agent as our agent as well. During our home tours with Steve, he provided insight about the neighborhood and knowledgeable value of the homes and location we were looking at. Because we appreciated his honesty, knowledge and respect of our budget/needs, we were pretty upset we couldn't use him for the home we decided to go with, but when we called him to tell him we were going with another home, he was gracious and very understanding. Fast forward, our deal fell through with the home we went into contract with and so we IMMEDIATELY called Steve to help us find another home...call it destiny. It was really hard to find a 5 bedroom home within our budget and school district for our 4 children and us. Steve was always patient and honest and you could tell he wanted to make sure we found the right home for our family and not just make a sale. He suggested an area we were not familiar with that was only 8 minutes away from our original area, but had just as highly-rated schools. We loved it. The home is perfect for our family and he worked hard for us to make sure we fell within budget without being rude or offensive to the other side. He is a good person who appreciates and understands that he is not just selling houses but a HOME to families and truly knows the real estate market. He's a good source of knowledge for a home's true value whether it be on the sale or purchase side."

"The first time we met Steve was at a open house that he was hosting. He had some of his books out, and I asked if he would sign it for me. He was happy to. I read the book, and it was very insightful, and how honest he was when it came to selling your house. I asked if he could become our agent, and told him what we were looking for. He did not hesitate, we found a house that we might be interested in. We checked it out, and wanted to make an offer on the house, which we did. Steve being very helpful and insightful gave us great advice along the way. Steve is very direct, and does not tell you what you want to hear. He gives you the facts, provides solutions to the many different challenges in purchasing a home."

"Steve reached out to us after our realtor dropped us after her six month contract was up... he was truly great to work with and we will definitely be using him again."

"This is our true story . . . . . . . . . We started the process of selling our home in the spring of 2016. After six months, we took our home off the market due to an appalling experience with the first realtor we had hired to sell our home. In the spring of 2017 and with this new knowledge of unscrupulous realtors, we decided to reconsider two realtors that we had previously interviewed. We knew these two individuals through the sale/purchase of families' homes in the past and had developed a friendly relationship with each of them. During the fall/winter of 2016 when our home was not on the market, Steve had contacted us to introduce himself and to provide us with valuable information about his real estate philosophy. We decided to interview him due to his reassuring diligence over the months before putting our home back on the market. After meeting with Steve, we decided to take a leap of faith and signed a contract with him to sell our home. Steve's enthusiasm and honesty over the months of chatting on the telephone won us over. Our hope was that we hadn't made another mistake by choosing the wrong realtor, especially since we knew how competent the other two realtors were with our family members in the past. As we all know, the circumstances involved in buying and selling real estate can be extremely stressful. Steve was so reassuring and he pleasantly surprised us on many occasions with his opinion on various concerns that we had during the selling process. We felt that he wasn't out to make a quick sale just to earn his realtor fees because he was incredibly thoughtful with the advice that he gave to us. Steve is the only realtor that we are aware of who willingly met potential buyers and their agents at first showings which is truly impressed. Steve wanted to tell the "story" of our home which we thought was an exceptional and innovative approach. Quite honestly, we couldn't have asked for a more consummate professional to handle our real estate needs and we are so privileged to have met Steve. We went from the worse possible realtor selection to the very best within a year. In addition to his professionalism, Steve has been kind, thoughtful, friendly and considerate throughout this entire process. It is our pleasure to recommend him to family and friends when they are ready to buy and/or sell. If you want to save yourself the aggravation in deciding what realtor you can trust, we can make that decision so easy for you by recommending Steve Weirich from @properties. Bob and Deb Freeman"

""This is my first real estate sale in 15 years. It was a great experience and Steve helped me through the changes that have occurred in the last 15 years. His team of interior designers and photographers made his approach a delight to work with. Most of all Steve was helpful and thorough throughout the whole process." Bill Mattson (Chicago Lakeview)"

""I cant say enough good things about Steve. His ethics, professionalism, knowledge of the industry and character are all outstanding. He is, in my opinion hands down the best agent to use for any real estate transaction. He and his team of professionals all bring the resources needed to sell your home quickly and get you the most value. I interviewed several agents from various companies and chose Steve . I can honestly say .....Right Decision. He sold my home for more than I was looking for and faster than I would have thought. It was all a truly great experience. So much less time and effort than normally goes along with selling a home. I will definitely use Steve Weirich again for any real estate transaction, selling , buying, or renting. At the least meet with him to discuss your needs. He's the one that will get it done for you !! You may be thinking, right no one is that good in this industry, Steve probably paid him. Nope, Not the case. Steve is that Good. Call him and find out for yourself. Thanks for the time !! Good Luck." Robert Wankewycz (Arlington Heights)"

""Always just a phone call or quick text away, Steve was simply amazing. Our transaction was incredibly smooth, and Steve and his team were the reason why. We will definitely work with Steve again when the time is right." Donald Oehlert (Arlington Heights)"

""I tried to sell my mothers property last year with another agent with no success. Steve, not only sold the home, he got a great price. His innovative, value driven approach, I highly recommend to everyone selling their homes. I am listing my townhouse with him next year." Richard Handley (Des Plaines)"


""Steve was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He was always readily available and did an outstanding job getting back to us with any questions that we had. This was our first time looking for a house and he helped make the process very easy and fun. I would gladly recommend anyone interested in looking for a house to use Steve as their realtor. He is very honest, knowledgeable and helpful. I do not plan on moving anytime soon, but if I needed to, I would use Steve as our broker without a doubt." Vince Stubstad (Arlington Heights)"

""Steve is the best and honest to work with. His insight on the market was on point. We not only got a great price on the home, we bought it substantially below the appraised value. I will be recommending Steve to all of my family and friends." Ketan Mehta (Morton Grove)"

""I would definitely recommend Steve Weirich. Very proactive, great follow-up, easy to work with, knows the neighborhood, and his team brings a refreshing approach to staging and positioning a home for sale." Paul Diebel (Mount Prospect)"

""My family and I worked with Steve when buying a new house and later selling our other house. He is honest, knowledgeable, and patient. This is the agent I would only work with and refer to others. Also, his practical guide on how to protect yourself from real estate greed reflects fully his significant experience about every aspect of real estate.Truly Thank You for being our Real Estate Agent!" Anatoli Varabei (Skokie)"

""Steve is an experienced seasoned Realtor. His dedication to show the house for every prospective buyer is a key for the success. He provided the instant feedback from potential buyers when they visited the house. This information gave us the information to make improvements for the future buyers. He followed up with potential buyer realtors to understand their view for the house and their requirements. He tried very hard to match the requirements from the seller and the requests from the buyer to get into an agreement. Steve's 'Value Driven Approach' made our experience great." David Ni (Arlington Heights)"

""We enjoyed working with Steve Weirich. He was incredibly helpful throughout the process. He is motivated, knowledgeable, energetic and gives well-thought out advice. We recommend him and his 'Value Driven Approach'." Bob & Sarah Jane Moore (Arlington Heights)"

""My house had previously been on the market for 6 months with another realtor; when that listing expired, Steve contacted me just to find out if he could help with the sale of my house. Steve came to my house and made a very professional presentation which I politely put on the back burner. They were not insistent and gave me time to get my thoughts together by waiting several months before contacting me again; again, I politely put it on the back burner. Finally, I gave Steve the call he was waiting for. Steve visited and, again, were very professional in their presentation. They listened to my wants and needs and incorporated them into the house sale. He listed my house on a Friday and by Sunday I had 5 offers. Those offers turned into a so called "bidding war" which they managed nicely all the time working on my behalf to maximize the sale proceeds. I can't say enough good things about Steven Weirich and his approach." Maureen Koziol (Arlington Heights)"

""Per Steve's advice, we fixed up the property to add value and sell quicker. His 'Value Driven Approach' netted us an extra $17,000 in profit. We updated the property, the first day it was on the market it had showings and sold it at the right price within a 2 months. Highly recommend Steven Weirich." Harelda Manzanares (Chicago Irving Park)"

""Steve Weirich was great to work with and we highly recommend him to our friends and family. We went through a short sale and those can be tough to maneuver. Steve was very knowledgeable, responsive and kept us informed and on target to help expedite an otherwise difficult and long process." Tony Maroor (Des Plaines)"

""Steve was fantastic to work with and was extremely professional. He did a great job of walking me through evert step of the process and was always available when I had questions. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a great agent." Ryan Wyse (Barrington)"

""Steve Weirich's knowledge, passion, and work ethic were nothing short of amazing throughout this process. His knowledge of the market, and area are what led to such a quick sell. His marketing tactics but him in league of his own, and are just another example of his work ethic that is second to none. I would recommend Steve to anyone and everyone I know looking to sell a property." Len Tyrrell (Palatine)"

""Steve Weirich lead us through the entire process of buying our first home and was incredibly helpful and professional. We highly recommend Steve Weirich to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thanks Steve!" Dan Lang (Chicago)"

""We worked with Steve Weirich and he is wonderful and very knowledgeable. The entire process of purchasing our house went very smoothly and Steve really went above and beyond to help us out every step of the way. We definitely recommend him and his team!" Rachel Rendel (Chicago Norwood Park)"

""Steve Weirich is a great guy. He went above and beyond what was expected. We looked at a bunch of houses over a time frame of over a year. He stuck with us until we found the perfect home. He never once backed down from the challenge. I would recommend Steve to every person I know. We hope him all the success in the world. Thank you Steve for helping us find the home of our dreams!!!" Nick Akrap (Morton Grove)"

""Very professional and knowledgeable of the market. I had great access to updates on showings and feedback from potential buyers through Steve's services. Overall I would rate my experience with Steve as excellent." Matt Stodola (Chicago Lincoln Park)"