Diana Bzdyk

Diana Bzdyk


About Me

Diana was born and raised in Chicago and learned the ins and outs of the city from the ripe old age of 13 when she boarded the orange line at its starting point. While her parents thought she was at the park, Diana explored the nooks and crannies and fell in love with downtown Chicago. At a young age, Diana moved to the south suburbs and has since been dividing her time between the two.

Prior to starting a career in real estate, Diana was working in a top advertising firm where she was an Account Executive and developed a wealth of knowledge for marketing tactics. Her passion for real estate ignited when she made her first investment condo purchase in the west loop. From there, friends and family began pouring in for more information and assistance in their purchase, so instead of just helping, Diana earned her real estate license and the rest is customer service heaven. Diana has a very strong work ethic and is available for her clients 24/7, even when out of town. She is continually looking for that perfect needle in a hay stack for each and every client, regardless of budget or property type.

Diana graduated from DePaul University with double majors in IME Honors Marketing and Business Management. In her free time, she enjoys skiing and snowboarding, waterskiing, traveling, cooking and trying new and exciting things. Hand-gliding through a jungle? Sure, why not? Climbing a waterfall? Awesome experience, let's do it again!

Clients are saying:

"Diana Bzdyk is the best all around realtor ive worked with. I had someone before hiring her and it was horrible, we missed out on a few houses because of lack of communication or availability of the agent. Diana always answers her phone no matter what time it is and would not let me buy a home I wasn't 100% impressed with. She also had my back when contractor tried to pull one over on us. SHE IS THE BEST!"