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Understanding that the purchase or sale of a home is one of the most financially and emotionally significant decision in a person's life, Doreen truly values the role she plays in helping her clients achieve their goals. From first-time buyers to seasoned sellers and investors, clients can trust Doreen will help them navigate what is often a complex real estate market and make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Doreen grew up in New Jersey and credits her love of all things real estate to her family, who owned a real estate agency. "I grew up sitting at the dinner table hearing my Mom and Dad talk about real estate. I think I understood ‘price per square' foot before I could tie my shoes." Her clients cite her unique combination of passion, savvy and resourcefulness.

Doreen received her Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in English. "I think my educational background benefits my clients because I am constantly in pursuit of knowledge and information."

After having a taste of life in New York City and San Francisco, Doreen now calls Chicago home, opting for the Midwest's unique down-to-earth blend of the East and West coasts. She lives in North Center with her husband, two kids, cat and dog. When she's not running her business and her house, Doreen's big hobby is interior design. "My phone is basically a haven for interior design apps and furniture stores."

After 6 years with other real estate agencies, Doreen came to @properties in 2018 to join the Carrie McCormick Real Estate Group. "Carrie was my agent. She found me my first home years ago and we've kept in touch since. When it was time to join a new company, I knew I wanted to team up with Carrie. Her commitment to her clients and experience is really unparalleled."

Doreen is ready to listen to your needs and help you every step of the way. "My job isn't 9-5. I'm always ready to help a client, that includes after the sale. If you need a plumber, I know one." Reach out to Doreen today.

Clients are saying:

"Doreen was amazing!! Not only did she help us find the home we were looking for, but she then helped us through a treacherous loan process. We chose a lender we came to regret because of their complete incompetence (DO NOT USE AFN!!). We ended up switching lenders and using someone Doreen recommended and trusted. From that point on everything was smooth sailing (thank you Ben Cohen!). Doreen helped us through it all. She was in contact with the us, the lawyers, and the lenders. She went above and beyond for us. This was my first time buying a home and I'm so glad we had her support throughout the whole process."