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I'm a 35 year Chicago native with several years of experience in residential real estate. I'm devoted to adding value to your objective of buying or selling. I do this by acting as a single-point of contact, guide, and council throughout the process. 

Born and raised in the city, I am familiar with its multitude of neighborhoods.  I have also been accumulating a wealth of knowledge on the complex financial transactions involved in real estate sales to help make them less stressful for you. The broker network I've established, moreover, can help you find a pre-market property for your purchase or sell your property more quickly. 

On a personal note, I attended Francis W. Parker for high school and attained a B.A. in History from Loyola University Chicago. On the rare occasion that I'm not selling real estate, I love cycling, boxing/kickboxing, hanging with friends and my dog, Slim. I'm a long-time North-sider and currently live in the River West area of Chicago.  The focus of my work is making sure that you achieve your goals in selling or buying property.








Clients are saying:

"Dylan helped explain the process of home buying to me, as I had never purchased before. There was no problem working with my very tight timeframe. He returned calls and emails promptly, and he remained calm and reassuring throughout a difficult process with my lender."