Edith Karoline Jasser

Edith Karoline Jasser



Ensuring a smooth transaction & successful closing


Nothing is more disappointing than to sign a contract, thinking you have sold your property or if you are the buyer thought you bought the property --- only to have the sale fall apart before the closing. 

I will follow your transaction every step of the way to maximize the probability that your sale will stay a sale.  I will establish excellent working relationships with all parties involved in the transaction (all lawyers, lenders, inspectors, buyer’s agents, listing agents and brokers etc.)


so that I can easily stay in touch with them and make sure that everyone is doing what has to be done in a timely and efficient manner with gentle reminders – Nothing will be left to chance!


I will make sure with the assistance of our experienced administrative staff that all details will be coordinated well in order for your sale to be finalized.


We will take the following steps:

  1. When your real estate sales contract after all negotiations are done and the terms are agreed upon has been signed by all parties, I will first compile all necessary documents and submit them to the Sales Manager for review:
  2. Copy a sales contract
  3. Internal Revenue Service form W9
  4. Initial Earnest Money
  5. Report of Sale Form
  6. Listing Printout from Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois
  7. Management Information (if condo!)
  8. Other related forms as part of the contract (Sellers Discl., Lead Paint discl., mold disclosure, radon disclosure, etc.!)


 The Sales Manager then reviews the material and returns the completed file to me!



A Post-Sale check-list is prepared, identifying which follow-up actions are necessary, given the terms of your sales contract.


Calendar dates are marked for follow-up on balance of earnest money, attorney and inspection approvals, mortgage contingency deadlines, title report, survey, condominium documents (if required), tax stamps, etc.


Our Closing Coordinator and I will communicate with the mortgage lender to ensure satisfactory mortgage process and timely issuance of the mortgage commitment.  This includes verifications with lender, attorneys and others – whether I am the Agent for the Sellers (“Listing Agent”), the Agent for the Buyers (“Buyer’s Agent”)


In preparing your file for closing we will make sure that:

      If applicable the overage check out of the interest bearing account will be brought to the 

      closing table!

-         Prepare the closing instruction sheet

-         Make sure the broker’s settlement statement accounting for the earnest money deposit etc. will be prepared

-         Verify that all documents needed for closing are now in sales associate’s packet including appropriate checks, survey, certificate of insurance, keys, condominium letters if applicable, copy of sales contract, and listing print out from MLS

-         24 hours prior to closing, all documents will be reviewed and double checked…

-     We will make sure that the buyers will know ahead of time what amount of cashier's check

       they need to bring to the closing table (and we will always ask them to bring a slightly higher

       amount to assure closing (overage will be returned to buyers at the closing table!)


-         All these efforts help us to quickly identify and rectify potential problems that otherwise might hold up or complicate the sale/closing!