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More homes I like, these in the city of Chicago

Friday, 05 Oct 2012 at 09:53 pm

MModern  in Lincoln Park, modern done right this is an architectural gem. Modern is not everyone's taste, and for me those have to be extra special and I do like this one.


Talk about this wonderful almost mediterranean style home in Glenview, yes Glenview, Just lovely



All of the home photos I show here are or were available for sale, contact me if you are an interested buyer. They are our office listings but not mine, but I am always ready to show them to interested parties, become their consultant and trusted Buyers Agent / Broker




Another interesting modern Marvel in Lincoln Park have a look   ---  is it not just beautiful.....


Lovely open, high ceiling spaces, very nicely done  Call or e-mail me if you want more information about this one or similar properties.



Modern sophistication with lots and lots of elegance... Love this one...



I like these properties -- I just do :}

Friday, 05 Oct 2012 at 07:55 pm

I like these homes all for very different reasons,

so come back here often and see what I like 

THIS  ONE I like FOR the CLASSIC STYle this one is in Winnetka

only 8 years young and the inside is just CLASSIC, traditional and beautiful....WITH A GORGEOUS KITCHEN AND LIVING ROOM



I absolutely adore everything about this home... in Lake Forest, the style of the outside is pretty

distinctive and just very different, but the inside is out of this world, high end style in this wonderful home.


House Hunting is more than just find a home

Friday, 05 Oct 2012 at 01:44 pm

It is a very difficult task indeed.

The right style, the right age, the right size, the right location, the right lot size, the right quality construction, right size and type of garage, fence yard or not, inside amenities, floor plan, school districts, nearby amenities: Parks, Forest Preserves, shopping, public transportation and more and that is just the



Now we all think that we know exactly what kind of house we want to buy when we first start out, we also think as buyers, that we can find all the information we need on the internet, pick the three best homes and just make an offer on one, and we are done. 


Well, not exactly, it is just not like buying a new coat or a new pair of shoes....


Finding the right Home is a big Task all by itself, because as I start looking at properties with my

buyer clients, we all realize that suddenly different amenities of a home are appealing to one party and not appealing to the other.... More often than not, do I hear after a few showings, Well Edith if you could find us, the first homes kitchen and floor plan, with the amenities of the second, and the location of the third, and slightly bigger and with a finished basement, then we will be ready to write an offer.


Yes so true, but of course over the next few weeks of looking at properties, we all realize that we have

to have a list of absolutely MUST haves, and try to add to that a few of the extra wishes....


So that is difficult enough.... and when then adding different suburbs or neighborhoods as a choice by the buyers, a wide price range possibility, it becomes more difficult....


But wait, being approved by a reputable lender and having all the paperwork ready, is important, knowing that an inspection is important, and what information requires further examanation is even

more important, Negotiations not just the price but all other terms related to a real estate sales contract are just as important, and the guidance of an experienced Realtor will be very helpful. Also in order to

offer the right price, negotiate the best final sale price, and consider and reconsider which results from the inspection require discussion with the owners, or even getting out of the contract, needs the consultation with an experienced Realtor working in the clients' BEST interest.


So the expertise, guidance and assistance of your Buyers Agent, your trusted personal Realtor is very important, someone who will pay attention to every detail, and keep all the strings together so that all parties involved will do their job, diligently and in a timely manner.


More about this subject to come....

Edith YourRealtor4Life Working always in the very BEST interest of her clients :)

Other blogs and Real Estate Advice of mine....

Thursday, 28 Jun 2012 at 05:55 pm

Check out where you can find me via Google assisting the buying and selling public with advice and

guidance whenever possible.

Feel free to contact me any time for any questions concerns advice related to real estate in general, your market area or your home.... EdithSellsHomes@atproperties.com or EdithDoesItRight@yahoo.com


Google me at   edithdoesitright

Why is NOW a great time to buy real estate?

Friday, 13 May 2011 at 08:23 pm

I am one of the more careful REaltors, and knowing that there are many different reasons for buying 

I always think about the buyers, my clients first and not about getting an offer written and contract negotiated and a closing/sale.   Why, because it has to be right for the buyer, and everyone's situation is

very different. 


Here are some situations in which this is truly a great time to buy


a) you have saved money, you are currently renting and you always wanted to own your own home


    PURCHASE PRICE IN CASH   This is truly your time!

              Many homes are bargain priced (and I am not talking about foreclosures short sales etc.)

              and Sellers are willing to negotiate .....

              Furthermore there are so many properties to select from, this could become a problem

              to decide, but with an experienced Realtor as the guide through the maze of available homes

              a buyer will find the perfect home, in the right location, right size and at a great price


b)  Investors especially contractors and builders, can find wonderful properties to buy that need a bit

     of remodeling, but when done right, because they show well and are not distressed properties, they

     will also sell well and quickly.... Here the location and the size of home are tremendously important

      to get them sold quickly and a Realtor who checks on the great location and basic good homes

      is super helpful


c)   Now this is also a great time for those who want or need to upgrade, either because of a growing

      family, extended families or other reasons, may be just always wanted a home on a large lot,

      or near a train station or park, or one with a pool or the possibility to put one in...


       Even if they need to sell their smaller current home for less than they would like to, they will make

       up the so perceived "loss" by far when purchasing the high end home for soooo much less....


And there are other circumstances that qualify to go ahead with buying a new home!


But to all of them I always make that one strong recommendation, buy what you can afford, what you

are very comfortable with, do not overextend!  And make sure that your financial situation is solid, either because you have saved up money available, or you have a very solid business of your own or a very solid long time employment...


But no matter what your situation, work with an experienced Buyers Agent, someone who will understand exactly your wishes and needs for your new home and will put all their energy into the search for the right one for you....


           Edith Karoline Jasser YourRealtor4Life! Working always in the very BEST interest of her clients


           copy and paste to meet Edith and view her website  http://tinyurl.com/MeetEdithHere

Why Working with a Realtor when Buying Property

Thursday, 17 Mar 2011 at 04:48 pm

 Very very many reasons for Buyers/Investors

Not depending on experience  in buying and selling or being a first time home buyer, having an experienced Realtor on your side, will not only make the search for the next property or your first property much much easier in so many ways...Buying a property is in most cases the largest expenditure in people's lives and therefore stressful by just that reason. When one then adds the emotional toll it may take which style, which age, which floor plan type, how many rooms, what other amenities, oh there are different kinds of roofs, construction, sewer systems, water supply, homes with and without basements the entire process suddenly looks even more complicated....Therefore already in the intial stages just to get the financial side and those necessary steps cleared up and taken care of the guidance of the Realtor is time saving, helpful and yes   NECESSARY....!!!!


Once a home or several have been found, your personal Realtor will provide you with the most essential information and consultation concerning the final offer, which usually is much more than just price consideration, but yes for those your Realtor will provide  you with comparable properties, even show you some you might not yet have seen that are similar and currently on the market and will discuss with you in detail those that have sold in that immediate area. In other words your Realtor will educate you well throughout the process so that when you get to the offer writing moment you feel confident in your decisions to make!


Once an offer is written, your Realtor will take the excitement, worry and emotional side out of the negotiations, in other words your Realtor will be  your Buffer between the buying and selling sides and your Realtor at that point will have a pretty good understanding how much you can or want to offer on a home and will be your best Negotiator, getting  terms and price negotiated in your best interest as best as possible with the other side!


But you should also know, that once a contract is signed your loyal and responsible personal Realtor does not disappear. When taking care of my  clients whether buyers or sellers they will receive the very same detailed attention until and after the closing. It is absolutely essential for your Realtor to follow up with all the other parties involved, accompany you to any estimates, appraisals, inspections, walk thrus in order to assure that all goes well and will lead to a successful closing. In other words because of your experienced and dedicated Realtor you can relax as you will know your Realtor will be out there reminding you on time when there is anything  you MUST & keep you informed every step of the way.....