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A Chicago native, Emily Santos has been representing buyers, sellers and developers in Chicago for over 1 years. Throughout her career, she has marketed and sold numerous multi-million dollar developments as well as many re-sales of townhouses, condominiums, lofts, single-family homes and multi-units in neighborhoods throughout the city. To date, Emily has had over $200 million in career sales, a testament to her shrewd negotiating and tireless work ethic.

In order to exceed the expectations of Chicago buyers and sellers, Emily first meets with prospective clients to discuss their lifestyle needs. Catering to the needs of family, community, pets, nightlife, schools and ease of transportation, she understands that to be successful in real estate means much more than simply finding a "home" for a client. From her experience, clients want one or a series of these lifestyle choices to work in concert with each other—and Emily delivers for buyers and sellers alike.

Enthusiasm, hard work, and personal attention to detail are key components that make up the full-service offering that Emily provides. Every client receives her genuine care and thoughtful opinion, and long after a deal is closed, she takes great strides to help new homeowners settle in, always remaining available to assist with questions or referrals. 

Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePaul University, and, true to her Chicago roots, enjoys a wide range of weekend pursuits, including the arts, sports, culture, dining, nightlife—not to mention the unsurpassed beauty of the city's lakefront and historic architecture. Emily is a resident of the River North neighborhood.

Clients are saying:

"A lot of homes sell themselves with good marketing and presentation. Where an experienced realtor is invaluable is in the organization and in keeping the deal together. Emily has helped me buy and sell several properties in extremely tough market conditions and was able to arrange all the disparate parties and resources in a timely manner and with as little stress as could be managed. This most recent sale of my home was to buyers with foreign assets. She was able to provide back-up financing as many banks were unable or unwilling to recognize these assets. She also helped with the purchase of my new place and organized both sale and buy transaction on the same day."