Erika Horowitz

Erika Horowitz


About Me


I believe in this city and its' neighborhoods  ~ More so in this funny market and climate than ever before.

Born and raised on the Lakefront in Chicago, I have always been fascinated with the city's architecture and design and have a fondness for vintage.

I grew up well imbued by Chicago's arts, business, politics, journalism, entertainment and all.  My personal style is quite eclectic, and I enjoy exploring the many sides to the city ~  restaurants, culture, music, etc. Did I mention Chicago's food?.. wining and dining is probably my favorite thing!

After the majority of my career in mortgage banking, both wholesale and retail,  I made the move to Real Estate Brokerage to represent sellers in confidently transitioning to their next phase of their lives. I work with consideration, full transparency and over a decade of expertise in ALL aspects of the market.  I have been on every side of most transactions and thoughtfully weather the sometimes rocky waters of the process to ensure the happiest landing possible for you.

I would love to have a conversation about your real estate path!

You're in the right place :-) and I'm @ your service!