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"Always work fully for your client's best interest" - - That's the principle that drives how I work.

"Great to work with", "Went above and beyond", "Knowledgeable", "Integrity", "Responsive", "Had our back", "Thorough", "Became our Friend", "Highly recommend him to others", "Professional"¦ these are the kinds of things past clients have said about me.

Buyers appreciate my background in home remodel and construction and the quality of insights that allows me to offer them.  They also value that I go above and beyond for them and skillfully guide them through the process and that I really know Chicago well.  They know they're in ˜good hands' and that I always do what's in their best interest.  I love working with buyers because it's exciting and because they enjoy it so much.

Sellers appreciate that I do everything possible to grant them maximum exposure and maximum value.  They value my communication throughout the process and the skill and professionalism with which I handle each sale.  It's a great honor to handle what is for many people their most important asset.  I take great pride in that.

Investors appreciate that I am also an investor and that I ˜get it' when it comes to the numbers that create profitability.  They know that I also understand buildings and costs of maintenance, repairs, and remodeling.  I love hearing how investments are working out for my clients.

I'm also available to my clients long after the sale as your local expert “ your guy who has ˜got a guy', or who may come fix something himself just for the chance to connect with you again and be of help.  My hope is to live out my faith in everything I do in my business and to be a blessing to each person I work with.

Clients are saying:

"Greg was such a pleasure to work with. From beginning to the closing of our first home , he was there pretty much every step of the way. Greg did not only work hard, but he treated us like family as if it was his own brother looking for a house to buy. Moving from the north side of Chicago to the south side, Greg helped us put the choosing process in perspective (the quality of the house, checking crime rates, considering schools, amenities, and even walking with us around the neighborhood of our prospective house). We can not say enough good things about Greg. It made the stressful home-buying experience pleasant. Highly recommend him to my own family and friends."