Jody Wise

Jody Wise

MBA - Broker

About me

A client focused broker serving Chicago and The Wester Suburbs

The most important lesson I've learned in real estate is to listen. It's personal and it's about you, the client. When working with clients to buy or sell their homes they are trusting me with, quite possibly, their single biggest investment decision. But it's more than that. Their home is where they raise their family, entertain, share holidays and celebrations, cook meals together. Home buying and selling are very personal, and each client is unique. I strive to really understand the clients wants and needs for both buying or selling their home. My one job is to help them achieve their goals and make their process as smooth as possible. This is done, in part, with market knowledge, experience in the transaction process and skill in complex negotiation. From the start of our conversation, through your moving day, I am a good listener and a ready source of help, information, and guidance.

For listing your home

When listing a home, pricing is the most important decision. Priced too high and your home will go unsold and go stale on the market. Priced too low and you will leave money on the table. Typically, an agent will provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) prior to listing your home. I take the pricing analysis a few steps further:

Pricing to the Power of 4™

  1. CMA which compares your home to recent history of sold homes
  2. Neighborhood market trends
  3. Homes currently on the market – your competition
  4. Pre-test 2-3 price levels against buyer searches in the MLS.

This proven process provides the historical look (CMA) but a more thorough assessment to deliver the best possible results.

The next most important effort is marketing. Together we can draw upon my years of marketing experience, the powerful and proprietary tools of @properties, the leading Chicagoland brokerage, and in-depth understanding of the target market. This will help us select the right marketing approach for your home and deliver a better and faster result.

For home buyers

When searching for the right home, I help you sort through your needs and wants. This is about you. Your lifestyle. Your commute. Your family. As an example, I worked with a young couple – just two people. But a HUGE dining room table was on their "must have" list. Hosting extended family gatherings was one of their dreams.  I never assume. I ask question and listen.

After you find the right home there are many steps before moving day. I help guide you through the negotiation to reach a win-win. I walk you through the whole process connecting you with expert inspectors, attorneys and title companies to make sure your process through closing is as smooth as possible. 

Clients are saying:

"Jody was an absolute joy to work with. She has a vast knowledge of the Chicago land area and always provided us with the best insight into up and coming neighborhoods. I had used her on a previous property which ended up appreciating over 50% and it was due to her advice on location and negotiation.

In addition to her expertise, she is a very caring and thoughtful person. She truly wants what is best for you and your family and will advise you in that way. She isnt just an agent, but a friend that will help guide you through this process and make sure you never feel overwhelmed."