Jon Scarpelli

Jon Scarpelli


About Me

Prior to joining @properties, Jon spent 20 years in the music industry as a composer, performer and educator.  Starting in the commercial advertising world, Jon helped produce work for clients such as Oprah's Harpo studios and OWN Network, Leo Burnett and Trading Technologies.  He moved on to build his own brand as a musician in all facets of the business.  Between growing a network of students as a private lesson instructor and building marketing campaigns for a variety of creative projects, his entrepreneurial skills have been the life blood of his music.

Jon also has a strong background in the private business sector having spent six years as an office services manager at the Pritzker Realty Group as well as PSP Capital Partners where he provided high level office and administrative support.

In 2018 Jon sought to build on his diverse experience and entrepreneurial instincts by obtaining a real estate license and joining @properties as a real estate broker.  As a 3-time homeowner, husband and father of 2 kids, Jon has a deep understanding of the complex landscape of emotions and practical considerations that go into buying and selling a home. With some of the best resources in the industry and in tandem with @properties, Jon leverages his knowledge and experience to support and advise his clients with the same care and attention used for his own family.