Joseph Nudo

Joseph Nudo


About Me

Putting Clients First 


A Chicago real estate agent since 2002, Joseph always looks out for the best interest of his clients. He has attained a strong track record in his business because he focuses on building long-term relationships with everyone he works with, whether a buyer, seller, investor, or builder. For Joseph, he feels the only way to have a successful real estate transaction is to look at the clients big picture and understand their short & long-term goals.  He takes everything into consideration. From location, to surrounding schools to finances, he's always thinking about the long term implications of each of his client's real estate investments. 

Buyers, Sellers, Investors & Builders 


When working with buyers, Joseph strives to truly understand each individuals needs. A father of two; he considers himself a "Family Mobility Expert". Joseph understands what it takes to move a family into the suburbs from the city or to choose a property located near the right school. Having two children in CPS (Chicago Public Schools), Joseph has the knowledge and the tools necessary to research which school is best for you and your family.  He can provide insight throughout the process.  His true strengths and what sets him apart from others is knowing that moving a family is an emotional endeavor.  He is a clients long-term financial advisor and concierge during your home ownership pursuits.  When listing a property, Joseph goes above and beyond. He offers staging, as well as de-cluttering to help a listing look its best for potential buyers. Because of his marketing and advertising background, Joseph also knows how to market properties. From a strong online presence displaying professional photography, to the use of social media, Joseph knows how to get properties in front of the right people. 

Clients are saying:

"Joe Nudo is a phenomenal real estate agent! We could not have asked for a better individual to represent us and sell our property. As everyone does, I had my choice of realtors to choose from. I was given names of 3 highly qualified and recommended individuals. Choosing Joe Nudo was a great decision and one I do not regret.Joe is extremely attentive, cares about the details, and communicated very well with us every step of the way. Joe went above and beyond to get our house sold in a timely manner and did everything in his power to ensure we got the most money out of our house as possible. We were out of town sellers and were so appreciative of the the extra work and hours Joe put in to get our property seen and sold. I would not hesitate to use Joe again in the future and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home. Joe made me feel like he treated our home sale as important as if it were his own home he was selling. Thank you @proerties and Joe Nudo for your stellar service and work! We are extremely grateful!"