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Karen's hard work and attention to detail make her a stand out in the real estate community. Karen offers her clients an outstanding level of committment. Her experience in building homes and remodeling brings an extra level of service to her clients. 

Honesty and integrity are very important to Karen.  Her trustworthiness and firm negotiations every step of the way will give you the results you desire whether you are buying or selling.  Karen is committed to making the process positive.  She will take into account the emotional and financial aspects when negotiating the best deal for each client.

Growing up in the south suburbs and currently residing in Palos Park with her husband and three children, Karen understands the importance of living in a great community and having wonderful schools.  Karen enjoys attending her children's sporting and music events and volunteering at their schools.  The family also enjoys raising a few farm animals, specifically sheep, chickens, cows and donkeys which they keep nearby at a local farm. 

Clients are saying:

"Brilliant brokers are few and far in between and our most recent professional business relationship with Ms. Karen Lally is what truly separates the rare exceptional brokers from the mediocre ones. Let me explain…

Karen is genuinely forthcoming, she eagerly listened to our concerns, and treated us with the utmost respect in terms of needed changes in our listing. Her approach was the right touch of gentle but firm directness without making us feel like we were just another property in the market that was over priced.

Karen Lally went above and beyond any broker we previously worked with. She had plenty of ideas and helped stage our place, she also went further and tidied it up when necessary. She actively kept us in the loop with updated showings and feedback... she was physically there to meet with the buyer(s) and his/her broker (who would have thought instant feedback just by being there) for every showing!

She was fully invested and genuinely cared for our needs and concerns. She advocated for us the entire time of this stressful sale process. Indeed, @properties is truly blessed and fortunate to have a jewel talent such as Karen Lally. She is a rare gem of a genuinely caring broker who values open communication, inspires trust, excels at what she does, and to say the least she is a hard worker is an understatement. She has this unrivaled ability to negotiate with clients that’s truly unparalleled. She also has a natural rapport when it comes to preserving key relationships which only adds to her growing retention base."