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Overall 5 star rating out of 9 reviews

"Kathie Bock was a true professional leading us through our first experience in selling our home. She helped in every step of the way. Her knowledge of the local North Center market was exceptional. She guided us through the pricing and timing of listing our home. She was also able to give recommendations to what items needed to be fixed up to make the house ready to show. She had a team of handy men to help with the list and also had a great company to stage the house. The person that she had take photos of the house was so great. He made the house look amazing. With all her local knowledge and expertise in pricing we were able to sell and close with the first couple that saw our house. We closed and got asking price the first week. I fully recommend Kathie Bock to anyone looking to move quick but get full value."

"My wife and I have used Kathie for all of our real estate transactions in Chicago. She is a rare combination of consummate professional with a truly wonderful character and personality. Kathie is very easy to work with, while being an aggressive participant in the real estate process. She earned our trust early on and we have always felt comfortable with her advice. We will not hesitate to utilize her excellent services again."

"My wife and I just moved back to Chicago after living in Erie, PA for 14 years. We had a prior positive condo sale experience with Kathie Bock and it made sense for us to use her again to help us search for and purchase a condo in one of our targeted neighborhoods. Kathie spent four consecutive days with us setting up viewings on about 25 properties from the lakefront to Lincoln Square. We found our dream property in Roscoe Village and Kathie was instrumental in working with us long-distance to negotiate a fair price and take us smoothly through the whole process from finalizing the sale agreement to the closing. Kathie's knowledge of Chicago's neighborhoods, and the related positives and negatives of each is extremely valuable. My wife and I hope that we will never have to move again, but if we do, Kathie will be our only choice to represent us!"

"Kathie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me when I was selling one house and purchasing another one. She always asked a lot of questions when we were viewing a home for purchase in order to ensure we were addressing any potential problems. She definitely had my best interest at heart. She was responsive to my needs and she offered excellent advice during the negotiation process. I have recommended Kathie to friends and they been very happy with her services too. I would highly recommend Kathie!"

"Kathie spent the time to get to know me and was able to quickly determine when looking at places, whether it would be something I would like or not. She was always proactive, sending links of places to review. There was this one time where we visited a place; when we walked in, she turned around and told me to walk out, because this was not "me". She always worked to my schedule, and always accommodating.

Kathie is very patient and not pushy, and truly on your side. We spent a couple of months every weekend looking at over 10 places, to the point where I gave up. I needed a little bit of a break. Kathie was very understanding, and said that whenever I was ready, she would be ready too.

After a two month break, I went back at it again, and this time, I found "my" place in about a month. Kathie was great. I have gotten to know Kathie and she is very considerate, always thinking of things you probably would not have thought of, funny, helpful, and easy to get along with. I have recommended my friends to Kathie and I certainly will use Kathie when I am ready to move on to my next place!"

"I worked with Kathie on finding a temporary rental property and buying a condo in Lincoln Park. I would highly recommend Kathie to anyone. She has a great feel for the market with things to look for and things to consider avoiding. She was very thorough in her searches, was always prompt in getting back to me and on time. Most importantly, she did an excellent job matching my criteria and budget with appropriate properties. I also felt confident in her ability to coordinate and discuss options with the seller's realtors which was very helpful. She is professional, hard working, honest and kind...a winning combo for a realtor!"

"Kathie is, quite simply, phenomenal.

Let's be honest: real estate transactions are messy. Things went wrong on the buy and the sell - people backing out of contracts, appraisals not valued as expected, etc. As a walking ad for anti-anxiety medication, you can imagine I did a whole lot of panicking. Enter Kathie.

Kathie's professionalism and strong knowledge of the real estate market was invaluable. Any time there was a hiccup in the process, she had guidance and answers. By the end, I did not even bother asking what to do, just told her to do whatever she thought was best. Her honesty is also refreshing. She will give you solid advice that you might not want but is in the best interest of the buy/sell. (Always in a kind way though!) Did I want to repaint my whole place after carefully picking out all those pretty colors? No, but I took this advice and other things I did not want to do (I'm looking at you, staging), and I ended up getting a lot more for my place than expected.

If there were a Nobel Prize in real estate, I would nominate Kathie. She absolutely knows the market and what to do. If you want a process that is as seamless as possible (as well as having a successful financial outcome), you have found your realtor."

"Kathie was a pleasure to work with. We had a difficult condo to sell and Kathie never hesitated to take on the challenge. She was a tremendous asset throughout the process. We'd highly recommend Kathie for any of your real estate needs.

Pete & Annie"

"Kathie really helped me through a difficult time. I was going through a stage of life where I had to find a rental fast. Kathie set up a great web search and squeezed me into her schedule. The whole process start to finish (from initial conversations to lease signing) was less than a month! I am still in the rental in a great neighborhood and just love it!!"