Lena Matariyeh

Lena Matariyeh


About Me

Representing Chicago-land and its suburbs, Lena is sincerely committed to meeting her clients needs and wants. 
In the past 10 years Lena has become a highly respected and valued realtor by her clients and industry professionals. 
Obtaining her BA in Business Administration in 2009 aided Lena with the proper tools to succeed in the business world. 
She applies her superb negotiation skills while conscientious of her clients best interest, rather representing the buyer or the seller. 
Given her integrity and expertise Lena holds all the traits needed for a successful and smooth transaction. 
Due to Lena's strong referral network she continuously supplies professional referral's to current and past clients.
Lena will be your advocate every step of the way to your new home. 

Clients are saying:

"Lena is a very good at her job, she's passionate about people and specialize in helping her clients on their individual needs.... very honest!!
Takes the time to learn her clients to know what's best in any situation.

Although this is her livelihood and how she makes money personally, she will never force a sell to gain profit if it's not right.

I will always highly recommend Lena!"