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From her tech savvy and market insights, to her personalized yet highly efficient customer service, Linda Hoffmann is the consummate professional. To meet Linda, whether to tour properties or for a listing presentation on your own home, is to meet a realty expert who respects your schedule, zeroes in on your preferences, and delivers results.

Serving the discerning but busy client is Linda's specialty.  If you’re the kind of person who requires rapid response but also wants few interruptions, you will get along swimmingly with Linda.  Operating from the field and with SmartPhone always at the ready, she provides her buyers with up-to-the-minute information through online market updates, open house lists, and new listings that meet your specific criteria.  For today’s time-challenged client, Linda’s  21st century approach can be a real lifesaver.

Sellers value Linda's attention to detail as shown by her professional marketing materials and statistical updates.  Agents appreciate her flexibility, dedication, and prompt return of messages.  Since 1998 Linda has always been on the lookout for new ways to buy and sell homes more efficiently.  Linda always makes sure your time is well spent.

Linda's use of cutting-edge technology complements her personal attention to her clients.  Her world experience gathered from having lived in several foreign countries gives her an appreciation and understanding of people from all walks of life.  She has an uncanny knack for putting everyone at ease with her warm and friendly manner.  Linda is always looking out for your best interest.

Clients are saying:

"Based on a friend’s recommendation, I selected Linda Hoffmann to represent me as I shopped for and purchased a condo in the fall of 2008. As a first-time buyer, I was very enthusiastic and a little bewildered, and Linda was extremely supportive in helping me sort through information, understand the process, select a condo, make an offer, and continue through closing. Having observed Linda at work, I find that she is very perceptive about and respectful of her clients’ preferences and wishes. At the beginning of my search, she enthusiastically found and showed me a variety of condos that met my general requirements, and she immediately set up a showing whenever I requested one. In conversation before and after the showings, Linda provided her insights into what we saw and didn’t see and allowed me to consider those details as I evaluated the property. At all times, she provided information—and allowed me to draw my own conclusions. As I became more certain of what I did want or did not want, Linda efficiently filtered listings that met my needs. Linda always respected the boundaries of my price range and my aesthetic/stylistic preferences. She was also very patient. I distinctly recall telling her in the early days of my search that I thought it would take me ages to make such a big decision, and Linda responded that she would be perfectly happy to show me condos for as long as I needed. As it turns out, I found a condo in less than two months, but Linda’s supportive comments and enthusiastic disposition ensured that I felt no pressure or obligation to make a hasty decision.It should also be noted that Linda was always available by phone and by email. I never had to wait more than an hour to get a response from her about any inquiry however large or small. She also made herself available in timely ways for additional visits to the property (for a second viewing, an inspection, a follow-up visits for repairs). Linda followed through to the closing, where, not surprisingly, her collegial approach to all of us—sellers, buyer, lawyers, selling agent, loan officers—helped to create a smooth and efficient closing. To sum up, Linda is a consummate professional, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for the way she works. In addition to her professionalism, Linda possesses an enthusiasm for her work that is most impressive. As a result, I truly enjoyed working with her, and I really cannot imagine the process being more efficient and pleasant than it was with Linda guiding me through it. I have already recommended her without reservation to several friends and colleagues, and it is a pleasure to write this letter on her behalf. Sincerely, Ellen O’Brien"