Louie Joseph

Louie Joseph



Overall 5 star rating out of 4 reviews

"Aren’t I fortunate to have met Louie at the beginning of his promising career in real estate?
He is personable, knowledgeable and there to
Answer your ‘seller’ concerns, worries and questions, on the dot, not later.
Weekly, sometimes daily comparable reports
were emailed to me by Louie, unfailingly.
Basically, he cares and works hard for your successful sale.
Louie has a great future. He is where he belongs, pursuing success for you in the
career he loves."

"Louie is such a great real estate agent and human being. My husband and I were in search of a place to rent for the very first time a few weeks ago. Initially, we were looking at an apartment with a member of another brokerage, but the situation felt, for lack of a better description, extremely shady (i.e. we felt rushed during the process, were denied the request to communicate with the owner, and were unaware of a number of fees that the team member, for some unknown reason, decided to withhold from us). It was by coincidence that I had spoken with Louie prior to this situation unfolding. Not only did he dedicate time and attention to finding numerous listings that best suited my husband and I’s preferences, but he also offered to look into the situation for our sense of security. Louie had no incentive for helping us nor did he receive any compensation for his time. Simply put: He’s great at his job because he’s a good person who genuinely enjoys helping people find a home. Personally, my husband and I could not risk filling out an application and running credit checks on unstable grounds, so I really appreciated Louie making the process of finding a home easy and exciting (literally, he was so excited for us that it made us even more excited). Unfortunately, the timeline of my husband’s cancer treatment prevented us from continuing the search for a home, but that didn’t bother Louie... he genuinely wants what is best for you. I plan to stay in touch."

"Louie was the best! He set up a well-timed day that consisted of touring numerous potential rental apartments. He found the perfect apartments within my budget, and knew a lot about the properties that the apartment were located in! Would definitely use his services again."

"Working with Louie was a fantastic experience! I was trying to gain insight on the current state of the housing market on the North Shore and was given Louie's contact information by a friend. I contacted him and we set up a meeting where he answered my questions honestly and I felt that he was actively trying to help me in finding my best options. Louie's professionalism and expertise of the market on the North Shore area are the reasons that I will be using his services again in the future."