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Finding a home in Chicago is like finding a pearl in a sea of oysters, as Chicago is a vast network of neighborhoods, each with its own personality, each its own oasis.  Thus, whether a new buyer or seasoned seller, in Chicago, each search starts anew the algorithm of finding that one true fit. 

The process can be daunting and exhausting, which makes having a reliable agent vital to the process. I know that I am that agent for Chicago, as both life and work experience have primed me to do this job for you. 

Life: Born, raised, and currently raising my own family in the Oak Park and River Forest area, with chunks of time downtown and in the Riverside and Brookfield area injected within, I've been in Chicago and its neighborhoods my entire life, mastering the many parts and pathways.

Work: A background in clinical research and teaching have made investigation and education - absolutes in this industry - naturals for me. After listening to my client's priorities, I take a pragmatic approach to researching the market in client-specific chosen areas, at the same time educating the person in and about the process. This enables that individual to make realistic, learned, and sensible decisions.  

Because finding or letting go of a home is a rigorous process, it gives me solid satisfaction to make it a seamless one for my clients. Whether it is in finding a home to call your own or letting go of where you have established roots, my goal as a realtor is to ably assist in this very personal process.

Make my experience work for you.

Clients are saying:

"Meg was a pleasure to work with! She is genuinely a caring and thoughtful person. Her patience and attention to detail was key during our search process. Whether you are selling or buying real estate, I would highly recommended Meg to work with."