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Overall 5 star rating out of 1 reviews

"Kudos to Marla. She knows the Mistwood community real estate market. She helped us set a price that was good for us and good for the buyer, then sold it in record time before it was even listed on MLS."

""Marla worked tirelessly through in a tough market. She was always gracious, upbeat and positive. Her response to my requests were almost instantaneous. Marla had the added challenge of having to communicate in three different time zones, with family members on the East and West coast! Marla worked well not just with me, but with Condominium Association Management Company and President of the Condominium Association, not to mention the Attorney representing us, as well as various contractors and vendors. Again, Marla worked tirelessly and was always on top of things. My family consider ourselves to have been fortunate having Marla represent us. I highly recommend her.""

""Marla did a great job marketing my property and getting it closed.""

""From start to finish, Marla worked hard to market my condo and satisfy my needs. Due to her efforts, my condo sold at a fair price to the perfect buyer. I will contact her again when ever I have, or know of anyone who has property to sell.""

""Marla Zegart is an extraordinary real estate professional. Marla is the only real estate professional that we have worked with where we felt they were truly aligned with our interests. Marla didn't play into our emotions to get a sale. She laid out the facts, presented us with comps, and was very candid about what she thought was a fair price for the subject property. She was adamant about what she thought was fair, and she was adamant about us having offered a fair price. Whats more, Marla was willing to work in a non-exclusive relationship. Despite no guarantee of a sale, Marla worked to identify properties, extol their benefits and discuss the tradeoffs. She went out of her way to visit properties for us. We appreciated this. Regarding attention to detail, Marla was exceptional. She was on top of everything. I have never had that experience with a real estate professional. She was always on our side and always had our interests in mine. She acted as if she was in our shoes the entire time. She never once downplayed anything. If she thought it was an issue or felt that we thought something was an issue, she sided with us and addressed it. In addition, Marla was helpful coordinating with contractors (e.g., fence installer) to help get us a quote. This was great because we were relocating out of state and couldn't be present for a meeting with the fence contractor. Marla was very sweet and a pleasure to work with. We wish that all real estate professionals conducted themselves in the same manner as Marla.""

""Marla was a joy to work with. She recommended locations that I hadn't thought of before - or were a bit cautious about - and found the perfect location Marla was always on top of things - making sure that all of the process went smoothly. I would be very happy to use Marla again for my next purchase, and recommend her to friends. She definitely knows the real estate business, was extremely professional, and was instrumental in finding the perfect condo.""

"" Marla is the most thorough, considerate and on-the-ball real estate broker I have every worked with. She checks and double-checks every step to ensure that all the information is correct and no opportunity is passed by. She is an absolute dream to work with and so honest a reliable. Marla Zegart is a true professional and knows how to market real estate and make deals happen! Marla handled every step with absolute precision and made sure that I has a solid understanding of each step as she walked me thru the process. I could not have asked for a better experience. She managed to sell my condo in 30 days to a cash buyer when the market in my particular area was extremely sluggish. She made sure my condo was promoted better than any of the competition and made the sale happen! I will be using Marla on all my future real estate purchases and sales. She was incredible to work with and got a good price for my condo.""

""Marla always operated w/ our needs in mind, very patient and approachable.""

""Working with Marla Zegart to buy our Hinsdale home was a pleasure. Marla's knowledge of the area and the real estate for sale was extremely helpful to us. During tours of homes, Marla learned our preferences and tastes very quickly, and showed us only those homes that met our criteria. Marla exhibited her "no-pressure" style throughout the process which we appreciated very much. Add to that her sweet and warm personality, and we had found a wonderful realtor. When the time came to put in an offer, Marla was diligent about working for the price and conditions we specified, and she succeeded in all of that. We would recommend Marla to anyone interested in looking for a home in the Chicagoland area. We're certain they will appreciate her work ethic, professionalism and personable nature in all aspects of their search.""