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Michael was born in Chicago but grew up between the Northern Suburbs of Chicago and Israel, playing soccer, basketball, and swimming competitively.  His traveling and love of physical activity created his lust for exploring, which lead him to skydiving, paragliding and hiking in some of the most scenic countries in the world.  It also increased his love of history, and appreciation for the beauty and complexities of different cultures, and how being exposed to those expands our inner world in profound ways.


Following his studies in History and Sociology and  at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Michael  became an EMT and joined the Israeli Army, doing what he has always done best by being a disciplined, and dedicated team member helping anyone he can. Upon Michael's return home to Chicago, he taught Hebrew to young students.


All of Michaels' energy and dedication to others has translated into helping others make their dreams come true by teaming up with them to buy, sell, or lease their homes.  Through his core values of honestly, integrity, loyalty, and teamwork, Michael brings everything he has to his job and his love of others. There is no better person to have on your team.


In his spare time Michael still teaches Hebrew, plays basketball by the lake, loves exploring a variety of incredible restaurants, and nourishing that love of history and curiosity by spending time in Chicago's own terrific museums.  Michael currently lives in Uptown but works all over the city and Northern suburbs.