Richard Loman

Richard Loman


About Me

"I'm in LOVE with the city of Chicago." 


Rich was born and raised in the heart of this city. Growing up, Rich and his family lived in several different neighborhoods, primarily on the south side and west side. Starting at a very early age, in order to get around the city he had to travel via transit. This is how his love for real estate was developed. He completed his high school education at Mt Carmel and continued his education at Southern Illinois University. 


Rich's upbringing has given him an appreciation for the beauty and rich traditions that exist here. Like most Chicagoans, nothing was given to him, hence, his hard working, blue collar work ethic. He has started a couple of companies that gives those in need, the opportunity to be able to financially provide for their families. Many opportunities have been presented for him to move away from Chicago, but has passed on them all to follow his heart and help rebuild his community one building at a time. Once committed, he has a proven track record that he will not give up on any client or goal until it has been achieved, no matter any obstacle that may come his way.


"One of my main goals is to help rebuild and reform lower class neighborhoods in my community."