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As a born & raised Chicagoan, Rico has experienced many of the unique qualities that The City of Big Shoulders has to offer. From the unknown, quality eatery to the quirky factoids about this great city's past, Rico has a penchant for expressing his love of Chicago to everyone he meets. He believes that every neighborhood has its charm....and he wants you to find those charms as well. 


Rico has touched real estate in some shape or form throughout his career. As a Banker, he financed both residential and commercial properties for business owners. As an entrepreneur, he has built out several of his own commercial spaces & as a developer, he has an understanding of the complexities of construction, budgeting & marketing. 


Most importantly, Rico doesn't define success in dollars. Rather, he believes in the idea that ones quality of effort defines ones success. His drive comes from his eagerness to help people. The acquired knowledge throughout his lifetime is not self-serving. Instead, he feels best when his energy & talents are used to help others accomplish their goals & add happiness to their lives. 


During his free time, Rico likes to create fond memories with his wife, two children & friends. Outdoor music festivals are a big contributor to those memories. 



-Board Member, North Center Chamber of Commerce 


Clients are saying:

"Rico is very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. He understands from buying to selling, rehabbing, managing, investing, negotiating, etc. He is very friendly and understands the process well, at times, almost too well. Sometimes things go unsaid that a first time home buyer should hear.

Rico has the ability to negotiate and is a team player who looks out for your best interest, not only as a realtor, but as if he was a long time friend. He is accommodating and works around your schedule. He is responsive over the phone and thru text. He is a true professional."