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James DeMarco
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James DeMarco knows that hard work, determination, and a little creativity are vital to a thriving real estate business. With a focus on client service, James prides himself on being readily accessible to clients, providing personalized guidance at every step of the home search or sales transaction. Known for his unwavering work ethic and calm demeanor, James is driven to provide the highest degree of service, discretion and loyalty – whether the transaction involves a first-time homebuyer or a million dollar listing.

James takes time to educate his clients on the buying and selling process, understanding that well-informed clients make for smooth transactions and satisfied buyers and sellers. James is proud to be a trusted advisor, and has become friends with many of his clients. As a renovator and rehabber himself, James has a keen eye for design and can help bring an outdated or neglected property to its full potential. Additionally, James understands that in today's market, the question of value is a primary concern to clients. With an eye towards clients' specific needs and priorities, James applies his technical expertise and knowledge of the Chicago market to provide the best answers to his clients' questions about home values and market conditions.

James DeMarco is a member of the Smashproperties team, an affiliate of @properties. His focus is on the top 10 neighborhoods in the city center of Chicago. James enjoys the challenge and reward of working with first time buyers and investors. James is confident that his skills and the support of his team, combined with the forward-thinking marketing and technical assistance of @properties brokerage, provide his clients with the best representation in the city.