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Roger has had over 30 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals in business. Prior to launching his real estate career, he was a major account representative for a publishing firm. Roger managed the business relationships with the industry's largest players including, Barnes & Noble and large east coast book distributors. Roger was the firm's top producer for over 13 years, increasing business 462%. 

For Roger, the decision to partner with @properties was an easy one. Not because @properties is the number 1 real estate firm in Chicago, but because of its commitment to achieving results for its clients. Roger shared a similar commitment to achieving results in his business career. An avid reader and believer in continuing education, Roger keeps up to date on the latest real estate strategies, techniques and technologies that help buyers, sellers and investors get the results they desire. He has an MBA from Northwestern University and has recently earned the Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification from the National Association of Realtors.