Ryan Newberry L'Heureux

Ryan Newberry L'Heureux


About Me

Ryan Newberry L™Heureux recognizes that a home is not just a financial investment, but an emotional one as well. He enjoys helping his clients™ with their important life decisions in a creative and personable way. His high integrity earns his clients™ trust and respect.

In fact, Ryan's results evidence his commitment. He thoroughly researches property values and neighborhoods and as a result garners an average of 95% of his sellers™ asking prices, significantly higher than the Chicagoland average. For buyers, he works in advance to make sure that their search is efficient, targeted, and productive. Ryan takes pride in creating the perfect combination of buyer, home, and financing then ensures follow-through by attending to every detail.

He will follow where his clients™ needs take them, but specializes in North Shore real estate. Ryan serves clients in Highland Park, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Wilmette and Glencoe. He even chose the North Shore to make his own home. As such, he really understands the area's history, culture and community.

Born and raised in Northwestern Missouri, Ryan values the sense of community in small towns. He is active in local commerce, helping his family run their Highland Park-based business. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ryan worked in retail banking management; this experience helps him structure and negotiate strong deals for his real estate clients. He is a member of the National and Illinois Association of Realtors as well as the Young Professionals of Chicago.

His happiness and success is driven by his clients™ happiness and success. As such, Ryan offers a high level of service. He partners with @properties, the number one independent brokerage in Chicago.


Clients are saying:

"Ryan was amazing to work with. He showed us LOADS of places, as our parameters were exceptionally broad. We were trying to find something that felt "Right" not just ticking all the right boxes. So it was a long exhaustive search, ending in a last minute rush as we wanted to close FAST once we found the place.

Ryan was incredibly responsive (regardless of the time of night or day it was!)

He helped keep us on track for our fast paced close and was always advocating for us!

THANKS RYAN! We loved having you the one to help guide us to the right home."