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Ryan Wheeler

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Ryan was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois where he pursued an education in Design and Marketing before moving to Chicago in 2006. He quickly gravitated towards hospitality and learned the importance of identifying clients' needs and providing service that exceeds their expectations. In 2008 Ryan entered into luxury condominium management and in turn was able to apply his experience to a fast paced and detail oriented market while adapting to a Property Management environment. Working with residents in a luxury building inspired Ryan to deliver a more hands-on service for them in Real Estate. With the wealth of knowledge he's gained from these experiences Ryan has a firm understanding of what clients expect when it comes to Real Estate whether it's looking for their first apartment in the city or finding the luxury home of their dreams.


Ryan chose to join the Skowron Group due to their vast experience in the market, diverse skill sets and ability to deliver the best possible service to their clients. These are all reflective of Ryan's personal values and commitment.