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A Dallas, Texas native, Sabrina visited Chicago for the first time in 2011. A sports fan, a burger lover, and a city skyline fanatic, she immediately fell in love with all the Windy City had to offer. For ten years prior to real estate, Sabrina worked as a model. The fashion industry had many appeals but she was most fond of the opportunities it gave her to interact with diverse groups of people in endlessly varying settings. Though her workplace was constantly changing, her goal remained the same; to provide consistent results that outperformed clients' expectations. "When modeling, my clients' needs and wants are my top, and really my only, priority. It is my job to take direction from multiple people to make the client's vision come to life. Working in fashion is like a real estate transaction in that it requires many individuals to collaborate cooperatively in order for everything to go smoothly. There are a ton of moving parts, and understanding how to work well in settings where emotions can run high is a skill I have groomed over time."

This mindset translates directly to Sabrina's real estate career, where she combines @properties' high standards of service with her own genuine desire to help. In seeking out a second career, Sabrina wanted to do something that would be helpful to others and meaningful to her personal growth.  Her main focus was to cultivate business skills she hadn't had the chance to build on to the fullest extent while modeling. "Real estate gives me the perfect chance to work in a space where people are truly the main input to the equation, and where I have endless opportunities to grow my own business." She is excited to be working with the Knoll + Haedicke team within @properties. Combined, she and her teammates have over 25 years of industry experience, and have done over $200 million in sales.

Sabrina's interests include cooking at home, working out in various forms (boxing, yoga and running are her favorites), playing classical piano, spending time by the water, and exploring Chicago's endless restaurant scene with friends. "If you ask my closest friends, many of them would describe me as being too patient for my own good. I pride myself in having an understanding approach and level headedness with people, and I aim to bring those traits to each real estate transaction in which I am involved."



Clients are saying:

"Sabrina was amazing to work with. She took the time to consider my obnoxiously long list of must-haves when pointing out specific properties for me to consider. She gave me space and time to think through options when I needed it and additionally has a great design eye and can help you visualize a space when you are looking at an empty box. I'm even using her major design suggestion to rotate my kitchen island when I go to renovate it! Highly recommend her to help you find your dream home."