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Sarah Malapanes has been working in the residential construction industry for 10+ years. She brings a dedicated work ethic and does not back down from a challenge. Her goal is to make her clients comfortable and excited about the home selection process. You can expect a direct and honest approach when it comes to the negotiation process, accompanied by a highly driven attitude to succeed at meeting your goals.

Sarah's passion for working with people started at Abt Appliance & Electronics where she worked as a floor sales associate and eventually moving to Banner Plumbing Supply as a showroom consultant. It was there that her passion grew as she was able to connect one on one with clients personally assisting them in the complete design, remodeling and product selection for their homes.

Since early childhood, she was front and center for the complete home construction process thanks to the influence of her father; a respected custom home builder in the Northshore-Chicagoland area. Sarah frequently jokes about how the smell of plywood and fresh drywall was the "scent of her youth". Her knowledge and visual expertise gives her a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Sarah comes from a large immigrant Italian and Greek family. Her heritage and family have always been very important to her. Sarah strives to extend the same personal family bond and connection to her clients. She is caring in her approach and will make it a top priority to listen and understand to what is most important to you and makes it her mission to deliver results.

Clients are saying:

"Really outstanding! Super responsive, motivated, and a member of the best team in the area. Sarah put together 2 deals (1 buy, 1 sell) in less than a week when a “more experienced realtor couldn’t do it over several months. Highly recommended!"